The ever-rising prices of food in conventional grocery stores has hit many families right in the pockets. The money that he or she is spending on food can be reallocated to another area of need in the family’s financial groupings. The best way to combat this issue is to start a simple garden.

Many assume that it is very expensive to start a garden but contrary to popular belief, the cost of starting a garden reduces the amount of money that families will end up spending on grocery store items. There are a few tools that families themselves can afford and not be worried about the cost of the tools outweighing the fruits of their labor.

The most important item to obtain is a trowel. Without this item, one may find themselves digging the hole to plant the seeds too deep in the earth. The gardener must remember that once the seed is planted you must allow time for the roots to become big enough to get nutrients from the soil. Also, time must be given for the seedling to reach the top of the soil to break through to show its growth. This must be taken into consideration when planting to ensure that you are not neglecting the plant. Ensure that you select a trowel that is sturdy and stable as this will be the main tool used in the garden.

The next biggest thing for a gardener to purchase is gloves. Remember to get gloves that are not too thick or too big. When working with seedlings and little plants the bulky gloves can be very difficult to handle and you may damage the tiny plants before they get a chance to survive. Also, gloves that are too tight can cause a lot of discomfort. The gloves can cause blisters on your hands which can impact your daily living and actions. Another factor to add to your glove purchasing is to ensure that the gloves are also water resistant but allows air to pass through. This can also eliminate the chances of blisters as well.

Another item that is at the top of the list for the beginning gardener is pruning shears. Once your plants begin growing and are in the process of flourishing the shears help maintain the control of the growth. For live plants, the best shears are Bypass pruners. The shears should fit the hand comfortably. This will eliminate the risk of you hurting yourself or injuring the plant and stunting its growth or at worst killing the plant. Please ensure that the shears are cleaned regularly as this will create an easier cut as well as decrease the injury to the plant.

A garden fork is another tool that can make a gardener’s life much easier. When the garden forks have a slight curve, they are used for scooping. These can also be used for churning the dirt. Straight forks are better for digging. While the trowel is the ultimate go-to for digging, the garden fork is good for compacted solids such as red clay or dirt with a lot of rocks in it. The rocks can make it very hard for the plants to survive. In this case, the garden fork is required to loosen the dirt enough so that you can churn the dirt. If the rocks are big, you can just remove them from the area. If the rocks are small, once you churn the dirt, remove the dirt with the rocks. This will allow you to use your own soil for the seedlings. Always use judgment when planting your seedlings within hard and rocky areas.

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