Nowadays, everyone wants to have a flawless smile on their faces. If you have the best teeth, you have the best smile. For this, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey plays an important role. If you don’t like your teeth or need some alteration, there are a lot of Cosmetic dentist in Hampton that can help you with their high-quality services.

So, are you interested in going for high-quality and affordable cosmetic dentistry in Turkey to have the best set of pearly whites? A lot of people, even celebrities, do not have a perfect smile. When talking about celebrities, their smile is quite crucial as compared to us as they are consistently being watched on the screen all over the globe.

So, when it comes to smiling, it is demanding to hide the discolored and ugly teeth to a crowd of fans. Due to this reason, celebrities usually go for cosmetic dentistry treatment who want to improve the smile. They can change the size, shape, or color of the teeth. Also, the imbalances of gum or lip can be corrected by the dentists to get the vest out of your smile.

Celebrities Who Have Had Cosmetic Dentistry

Let’s talk about some of the famous people who have had cosmetic dentistry.

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd got huge success as a participant on “The X Factor”, a British series. Although she had the best voice, her smile was not. Cher Lloyd had undergone the teeth whitening and also filled up the gap on the front. At the start of her career, she disclosed to some of the magazines that she did not like her teeth and considered they made her appearance similar to a rabbit.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is renowned for her sense in her fashion and style. But, she had wide gaps and uneven spacing in her teeth. Beckham also had some dental issues and suffering from misalignment. Victoria has her teeth whitened and straightened for getting the best smile before she became a superstar in late 1990.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones is the best actress and also the Oscar winner. She is quite talented and beautiful. In her childhood, Catherine had crooked teeth, and everyone teased her. When she was a teen, she had braces. After many years, Catherine had undergone cosmetic dentistry, including straightening and whitening her teeth. Now, she has a mouthful of glowing teeth, and her smile provokes jealousy in people.

Chery Cole

Chery Cole is among the most renowned performers of the country, and she was one of the judges on “The X Factor”, the British version. However, there was nothing unusual in her related to her teeth before undergoing procedures for dental treatments. She joined another reality show; her teeth seemed to be pointed and more prolonged. In the meantime of joining “X Factor”, she eliminated the gaps and whitened her teeth by visiting a cosmetic dentist.

Simon Cowell

The talent and music shoe mogul is not unusual to get the perfect white teeth. He has been exposed to getting his treatment of cosmetic dentistry – teeth whitening and veneers. He had a speech at the National Television Awards some years ago, in which he publicly thanked his dentist for helping him.


Cheryl was the X Factor Judge and a former Girls Aloud Singer. She was renowned for her cute dimples and the look of ‘girl next door’ while she first appeared in 2020 on Popstars: The Rivals. Also, her smile was different as compared to what it is now. Cheryl had undergone teeth whitening and straightening to assist her in having the best smile we all see today.

Chloe Ferry

Chloe Ferry is the ice skater and Geordie Shore star. She has been vocal about her liking for cosmetic treatments, and her teeth are also involved. She had undergone the dental veneers for creating a dazzling and sparkling smile.

Matthew Lewis

The dental transformation of Matthew Lewis is quite famous and a drastic one. He was suffering from every type of cosmetic dental issues right from the yellowing of teeth, misalignment, and tooth crowding. Now, he has full veneers.

Nicolas Cage

He is an ideal actor. He killed two birds with a stone in 1984. He had two teeth drawn to give a character for the film “Bird” in 1984. But, after that, his ugly-looking teeth were ready for makeup, and he got a new Hollywood smile. He had undergone a complete set of porcelain veneers, which suited him well. Then, he won an Oscar award for leaving Las Vegas.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise initiated his career with crooked and discolored teeth in his movies like Top Gun, Mission Impossible and several others. He had to call multiple cosmetic dentists for becoming a leading actor. His treatments included straightening his tooth and teeth whitening. Actually, it was not sufficient. He had also gone for dental veneers to upgrade his smile.

So, after knowing about these famous people, you may be interested in getting your cosmetic treatment. Do not be late! You may prefer cosmetic dentistry in Turkey as there are certified surgeons who offer high-quality medical procedures at affordable costs.

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