There are plenty of ways to deal with children in today’s era, especially when they are glued to their screens. Screen addiction is just ruining the lives of the kids in terms of mental and physical problems.

Parents are worried about the health concerns of their children and there is no way to get them out of it. There are plenty of things that parents can do to restrict their kids from using excessive screens. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the tips to help you out in dealing with children’s screen time. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Get Yourself Prepared

Before you ask your kids to get rid of screens, you have to act as a mentor. Don’t be too strict at first because your kids are not aware of why you are stopping them from spending excessive screen time.

Before you teach your child about screen time and how to avoid it, make sure that you practice yourself. For instance, during family activities such as watching a movie, dinner or indoor games, no one should be allowed to use any device including you. The more you apply the rules on yourself, the better the kids will follow.

Turn off WIFI or Change Password

Another approach to limit kid’s screen time is to disconnect everything during family time. For instance, if your kids are not getting out of the room because they are too busy in their screens, the best way to call them is to turn off WIFI.

Moreover, the kids should not be allowed to use mobile devices in their bedrooms especially during bedtime. Make sure that there is no device present at the time of bed including television. You can change the password of WIFI during the night so that kids can have proper sleep without wasting time on screens.

Encourage Kids to Take Part in Offline Activities

The digital era is all about devices and screens. Kids are mostly victims of screens as they find no other activity else to get involved in. You as a parent need to encourage your kids to take part in offline activities. The best approach is to ask them to go out with you to play baseball, basketball, or football. Moreover, you can also set time of the day when everyone including you and your kids need to do physical exercise such as jogging, swimming, jumping and running.

Cell Phone Parental Controls

Given that your child is addicted to screen and there is no possible way to get out of it, simply try cell phone parental control apps like FamilyTime to limit the screen time.

There are plenty of features that give parents a sense of security. For instance, parents can enable internet filters to block harmful content such as drugs, gambling, and pornography. Moreover, the parents can also place mobile geofences to track check-in and check out of the places your child is visiting. In addition, limit screen time on both android and iOS devices using FamilyTime


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