In the Caribbean, there’s a perfect place wherein you can enjoy more than swimming in sandy beaches.


St. Lucia offers mountains to climb, wild rain forests to explore, and magnificent waterfalls to swim.


But what are the best St. Lucia attractions that should be included in your bucket list? Check out these St. Lucia attractions so you can fully enjoy your Caribbean adventure trip. 


Sulphur Springs: Explore Drive-in Volcano 


Sulphur Springs is a popular tourist spot located in St. Lucia, and boasts of the only “drive-in volcano” in the world.


It’s called as such because you can literally drive right into the volcano crater to watch pools of bubbling lava. Visiting this St. Lucia attraction is a truly unforgettable luxury travel experience.


Here are the good to know facts about Sulphur Springs:


  • About 410,000 years ago, lava disruption created sulfur springs from the weak crust of the volcano’s crater at Sulphur Springs.
  • The spring water contains different elements and chemicals interacting together, giving it its black color. Water from this spring boils at 340 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Indulge yourself in its many therapeutic sulphuric pools. With water temperature at a warm 110 Fahrenheit, you can indulge in a mud bath to ease tired and aching muscles. It also gives you supple and glowing skin.
  • Many people believe that the water has therapeutic and healing properties. That’s why many local and foreign tourists visit Sulphur Springs. 


Piton Mountains: Hike and Appreciate the View


The Piton Mountains is a famous hiking destination in St. Lucia with vantage points of Petit Piton and Gros Piton at 743 and 771 meters high.


To get to Gros Piton’s top, hiking takes about three to six hours and two hours to make it to the top of Petit Piton.


You might also want to try other hiking spots in St. Lucia such as the Enbaus Saut waterfall trail, Diamond Falls, the Pigeon Island National Park, and Sulfur Springs.


Also, walking around and exploring the towns of Soufriere and Castries is a good idea. You might want to explore other tourist areas by renting a taxi via St. Lucia taxi tours.


Anse Mamin: Mountain Biking


St. Lucia has a diverse terrain, which made it a favorite destination among new as well as professional bikers.


The fact that champion racer, Tinker Juarez trained in St. Lucia trails, is also a big draw for biking enthusiasts to book a flight and test their mettle.


But whether you’re a newbie or a professional, there’s a trail in Anse Mamin for you. You can go for a leisurely ride while enjoying the view, or  test your skills on 12 miles of private trails at Bike St. Lucia. 


Enjoy Pigeon Island Adventures 


The Pigeon Island National Landmark is located in Gros Islet. It’s a perfect place where history and leisure join forces for a great retreat.


You can reach the island by kayaking along Rodney Bay. Once there, you can enjoy these fun activities in Pigeon Island:


  • Having an uninterrupted 360-degree view of the island. 
  • Snorkeling in the island’s clear ocean water.
  • Exploring historical ruins of the fallen Soldier’s Barracks.
  • Lounging on the sand while drinking cocktail under the trees. 


St. Lucia Island Cruise


Take an island cruise in St. Lucia and do it for the ‘Gram. Posting pictures of the spectacular natural views of the island is sure to elicit Instagram envy.


You can cruise on a replica pirate ship or Catamaran from Castries to the famous spring producer, Soufrière.

Witness the vistas live and make some stops along the way, making sure to indulge in different fun land-based activities.


Toraille Waterfall: Swim and Get a Massage


The Toraille Waterfall is a quick two-minute walk tourist destination in St. Lucia, which is a must in your bucket list.


Standing up under the amazing and pounding waterfalls will give you an instant shoulder or back massage. Swimming is a refreshing activity at Toraille Waterfall after a sweaty Gros Piton hike. 


Gros Islet: Enjoy the Street Party


Do you love night parties? Then the regular Friday night street party at St. Lucia’s Gros Islet is sure to get you hyped.


Stuff yourself full with freshly prepared seafood, listen to soca music, and buy handmade local crafts and souvenir items for your family and friends at home. 




St. Lucia has a lot of great activities to offer for people who are seeking fun adventures, from swimming, cruising, biking, and hiking.


The Caribbean island is filled with scenic views, such as the famous drive-in volcano Sulphur Springs.


You can also find swimming at the Toraille Waterfall very relaxing. On Friday night, enjoy the cool music and delicious food at Gros Islet.


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