Each year, nearly 20 million tourists travel to Barcelona.

Barcelona is a beautiful coastal city in Spain that draws in a lot of attention.

If you are planning a Barcelona trip, in your head or real life, you need to be prepared for traveling and unexpected issues.

Continue reading to discover how your Barcelona dream vacation can become a reality.

Get a Ticket for Your Barcelona Trip

Getting a ticket for your trip is one of the most stressful parts of planning a vacation.

Depending on your availability, the best times to visit Barcelona are from May to September. Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain. November to March is considered to be the off-season and the days are filled with rainy weather.

Many people recommend going before November so that the culture and environment can be enjoyed during the peak times.

The cheapest tickets can be bought between the busy and off-seasons. Look out for discounts around April and September for the best deals.

Now that you know when to visit and buy tickets, you need to find an affordable place to stay.

The Barri Gótic and El Ravel quarters are popular places to stay during your trip. They offer luxury stay at an affordable price. Staying in the city can become expensive but is completely possible if you save up.

Pack Smart

It is important that you pack your luggage smart when going to Barcelona, and even back home.

Comfortable shoes, a backpack, and a bicycle lock are a few important things that you should bring to Barcelona. Be prepared to do a lot of walking, especially if you plan to visit all of the museums.

If you are going during the spring, you will want to pack an umbrella and raincoat. The days can be very dreary and wet. Buying a raincoat is the last thing that you want to worry about on vacation.

Shorts, dresses, towels, sandals, and sunscreen need to be thrown in your luggage bag if you plan to spend time on the gorgeous beaches in Barcelona.

Those that don’t want to stand out from the crowd should leave bright colored and tie-dyed clothing at home. People in Barcelona prefer more neutral and subdued colors in public.

At the end of the day, you can wear what you feel most comfortable in. Just know that some styles are considered a sign of a tourist to the local people.

While You Are There

Being in Barcelona is a dream come true. It can open your eyes to a beautiful culture and language.

What if you don’t speak Catalan or Castillian Spanish?

Previous Spanish classes in high school and college may be able to help you out a little but you should be prepared for language barriers.

With new technology, language barriers are a thing of the past. You can easily look up what words mean and even translate what someone is saying to you through Google.

Don’t let language set you back. Barcelona has a unique culture that thrives off of football games (soccer for Americans), music, and dancing.

Depending on how your trip is planned, you may need to consider renting a car while in Barcelona. This can be intimidating if you have never driven on the left side and don’t use kilometers.

If you are staying within the city and can take buses or bikes to your destinations, you can save a lot of money and patience. Always pay extra attention to your surroundings when driving in another country.

Attractions That Will Impress

A Barcelona trip is perfect for any occasion and any type of group.

If you are looking to vacation with your significant other, there are many places to relax at the beach, listen to music, and dance the night away. When the kids are around you can see what a bullfight in Spain is truly like and go swimming off of the beautiful beaches.

You can see tour options for Barcelona if you want to sit back and take in the beautiful city.

Barcelona is a city full of rich history, art and museums. The buildings alone are enough reason to visit the city. They are a work of art with a gothic style.

Those that want to view the endless art should visit El Ravel. This is the district full of art museums and edgy history. The most famous museum is the Museu Picasso, it is full of local artifacts and Catalan art.

Interested in the Olympic Games? They were hosted in Barcelona in 1992 and you can now tour the area. Don’t forget to take time and visit Barceloneta for a beautiful stroll along the beach.

There are places throughout Barcelona where you can eat delicious food. Exploring local restaurants can introduce you to Barcelona’s specialties.

Dance the Night Away in Spain

Taking a Barcelona trip to Spain will get you off of your feet and dancing to the good times.

Do thorough research before purchasing your plane ticket, there are certain times of the year where the amount drops. Always pack smart to be prepared for unforeseen events and carry your phone close by.

Don’t let language barriers be a setback to this amazing destination. You can enjoy your trip alone, with a significant other, or even with the whole family.

Barcelona is well known for its art museums and beautiful landscape. The scenery is stunning in every direction. Try out local restaurants and take strolls along the beach for relaxing evenings.

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