Wedding planning is a stressful time for a bride, so a well-prepared bachelorette party can be a great way to take her mind off tasks, deadlines, and worries. It’s vital that the whole night (or a day, or a weekend) is adjusted to the preferences of the woman of the hour so that she can truly rest and enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to see male strippers in Melbourne, hitchhike in Canada, go camping in Scotland, or stay in a vineyard in France – you need to think about the bride first and make sure that everything is well-organized. Here are some tips that may help you achieve it:


  • Decide if it should be a surprise


It may be hard to believe, but not everybody loves surprises. Some people prefer having control over events more than anything else. If you’re in charge of organizing the bachelorette party, then you probably know what the bride is like and what will be the best option for her. If you decide on a surprise, you will need all the help you can get, especially of a person who lives with her (most probably her other half) to make sure that her passport is up-to-date, that she has valid insurance and that she is adequately packed for the trip. Unfortunately, there’s always a risk that someone will spill out some details and ruin a surprise.


  • Set the budget


This is probably the most important issue and the most common barrier to entry. You need to have everything planned from the beginning to the very end to be sure that nothing will surprise you during your trip, and you won’t add more to the bride’s plate. It would be best to search the web to find some group discounts, or even consult with a travel agent to have the whole trip planned and the budget estimated. Make sure to ask all the guests for an additional sum, just in case. It’s better to overestimate and give people their money back later than underestimate and ask for more. 


  • Choose the right destination


The most important thing is the bride’s taste. Of course, it needs to fit the budget and fulfill all expectations at this time of year, but, for example, don’t plan a trip to Spain in July if the bride doesn’t like high temperatures. 



  • Invite the guests


You need to remember at all times that, even though you’re in charge of planning, it’s not really your party. Yes, it’s easier to organize a trip for a smaller group, but it’s the bride who should decide with whom she wants to spend her last days as a single woman. You only need to adjust, find out who’s available, and can afford the voyage; that’s why it’s essential to plan in advance – you will have more time to find a date that will be suitable for everyone. Also, it’s important when you plan your activities. For example, if your bride wants her mother to be present and the mother is an elderly, traditional woman, you probably wouldn’t take her to see a strip show. 


  • Know the basics about the destination country


It’s important to know what kind of weather you may expect in this place, this time of year, but also to follow several forecast channels to be prepared. If you’re heading to a warmer place, make sure you’re not going there during a rainy season, or, if you’re planning a skiing trip, pick a date to be sure that there will be snow. Apart from that, you should know the culture and customs of the destination country. In some cultures, you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol in public or walk around in phallic-shaped hats. Not everyone likes a wild bachelorette party, so consider both the bride’s preferences and the notion of appropriateness in the chosen destination.


  • Delegate tasks and keep everyone updated


The best and the simplest idea is to create a WhatsApp or Messanger group, but be sure not to start any longer discussions there. Use it as a place for delegating tasks, giving reports, and asking about others’ progress. Implement an organizational system and establish some general rules to follow both during preparations and the trip itself. Don’t leave any room for confusion and misunderstandings. Keep everything in writing, confirm the date and the itinerary, and make sure all the details are clear and transparent to each guest. But don’t do everything by yourself. Each person has their strengths, plus, you can certainly find someone with experience in planning such trips among the guests. Make sure to use that for planning the perfect bachelorette party. 

The bottom line

It’s essential to bear in mind the preferences of the bride throughout the whole organizational process. She is the woman of the hour, and everything you plan should be enjoyable to her. As a best friend, a sibling, or a maid of honor, you probably know what she likes and what will be the best way to spend her last party as an unmarried woman. Make sure to make her happy.

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