Why Cisco?

Cisco — the 35-year-old networking juggernaut. The first establishment to ever send internet routers to space, with the sole purpose of improving the architecture of communication satellites which grant ships and vessels telecommunication facilities including mobile communications. They transcended the same IP-based technology that was used to design the World Wide Web right to the cosmos, a revolutionary move beyond all. This is the same company that provides a number of globally recognized IT certifications.

So, how to become Cisco certified? What benefits any of these badges can bring you? Where to find reliable preparation materials? Let’s find all the answers on the example of 300-115 exam and its related credential, the CCNP Routing & Switching.

A Call for Engineers

To meet the requirements of the market, Cisco URL here offers certifications at different levels of competency: entry, associate, professional, expert and finally architecture. One professional-level exam that is perfect for those that are planning to work as Support Engineers, System Engineers, and Network Technicians is the Cisco’s 300-115 test ‘Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks’ (SWITCH). This is the second exam, alongside tests 300-101 (ROUTE) and 300-135 (TSHOOT), involved in order to obtain the CCNP R&S credential.

As for pre-requisites for 300-115 exam, much of them are the same as the ones you needed for the ROUTE 300-101 test, namely your ability to set out WAN connections for both IPv4 & IPv6, working on a LAN with multiple switches, and lastly being able to set up EIGRP and OSPF. Further requirements needed for this professional-level exam include managing how Cisco networking devices are set up and interconnecting them. 

Learning Lessons

But what do you learn as you prep for the approaching 300-115 test? Basically, this exam checks your ability to create a scalable enterprise network by setting up infrastructure equipment in accordance with the Cisco enterprise campus architecture. Extreme emphasis is given to Layer 2 technologies for this course, covering up 65% of the syllabus; other domains cover Infrastructure Security and Infrastructure Services (20% and 15% respectively). You will learn to perform basic switch operations, set up technologies like VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) and DHCPv4 & v6. You will also gain skills to bring numerous physical switchboards together to make logical bundles and understand Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) and Per-VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST) Plus among other themes.

The Goods It Brings You

But is it really worth the time and other resources to obtain this certification? To help you decide, let’s explore just some of the benefits of making this endeavor, passing the SWITCH exam, and eventually receiving that CCNP R&S badge.


  • Worldwide prospects: Each and every business today is heavily reliant on networks for their internal and external store of data, transfer of information, contacting suppliers and customers, research, and for everyday operational efficiency of the business. It becomes obvious that a problem in their LAN or WAN system means surefire catastrophe. And if you, a CCNP, could be the solution to that problem then you become a valuable asset for a company. This means, you are in much demand and makes it more likely that your job applications to overseas firms are accepted.
  • Validation: Industry surveys repeatedly show that hiring managers, alongside experience, love certified employees. Why? The issue with experience is that it works in a grey area only because it is sometimes difficult to present it in concrete terms to employers; who might simply need to take your word for it. And the CCNP R&S cert can swing in to erase all the doubts because it is a proof of your switching competency.
  • Higher wages: Being a Cisco CCNP certified specialist, you can expect promotion opportunities, lucrative job positions, and a higher salary. For instance, a Network Engineer can earn up to $105k annually according to Payscale.com. What about Support Engineers and Systems Engineers, you can obtain up to $97k and $124k respectively.



Top Method to Be Totally Ready

These and many more gains wait in line for you. But first, you need to pass 300-115 test and two more mentioned exams. How can you do it with less stress? The answer is to prepare with only reliable materials. Although Cisco provides several options, one more resource you can implement in your study plan that guarantees first-time exam success is Prepaway.com. 

Prepaway is a popular online platform popular among test-takers for offering a wide collection of valuable exam dumps for various IT tests, and 300-101 assessment is not an exception. Along with free dumps for this Cisco exam, you can get and try the Premium 3-in-1 bundle, which includes an expert-verified dump in vce format, video lectures, and a study guide. It’s definitely worth incorporating them in your prep process. Note, that the dumps available at Prepaway are opened on the VCE Player that mimics the real exam environment, giving you the feeling of passing the real test. 

Race to The Finish

The future of the IT industry is bright. But so are the talent that’s attracted by it. For competition in terms of resumes, promotions, pay and company perks, certification could be what makes all the difference. But hurry. The CCNP R&S is to be retired soon, with the CCNP Enterprise path taking its place. Because of how long the CCNP R&S path has been around there are tons more resources online you could use for exam success. So take 300-115 exam with the help of exam dumps, today and enjoy all the benefits tomorrow!

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