A new year brings with it the opportunity and motivation for change. There’s no greater place to start with this than on your own front doorstep.  

Whether you’re thinking about rearranging some furniture or repainting the bathroom, following the latest design trends could help to add value to your property. We’ve therefore come up with a list of some of the greatest designs that we think will be shaping interior design in the year ahead, below.


Earthy Colours

Whites and beiges have long been the go-to colours for property owners looking to paint their walls in neutral tones. In 2019, however, that is all set to change, with the hues of nature set to take centre stage. Olive greens, plum purples and mushroom browns will all help to bring the great outdoors back into more central living spaces. Industrial indoor furniture, which has been a mainstay trend of the 21st century, will be replaced with traditional solid woods and rich leathers.  

Pattern Plants

What exactly is a “pattern plant”? Good question. Essentially, it’s a plant with a leaf that has – you guessed it – a pattern. They’re not only beautiful to look at but also help to purify indoor air. Choosing the right pattern plant for your home essentially comes down to size. If you’re looking for something small to fit on a windowsill, opt for a snake or prayer plant. Something larger, such as an areca palm or a tropic snow dieffenbachia, look best when placed near stairwells or in the corner of a square-shaped room.


Everyone’s favourite fabric of 2018 is back again for 2019. Yes, velvet, with its smooth feel and gleaming shine is expected to make another big splash in the next 12 months. Its flexibility means you’ll be able to spot it in everything from Paris luxury furniture to homemade curtains (and everything else in between).

Statement Doors

One way to add a touch of personality to a room is to repaint the door in a statement colour that grabs immediate attention. It’s a lot quicker to do than repainting walls as there’s no need to cover skirting boards or to climb any ladders. Simply unscrew the hinges, lay the door on an old sheet and away you go. This trick works best when teamed with more natural coloured walls, although complementary colours, such as pale yellows and blues, also work well.  

Ceiling Art

The fifth wall has long been an after fought when it comes to interior design. Now, however, designers are coming up with inventive ways to elevate a room from the top down. Murals are an affordable place to start, with blue skies and forest canopies among the most popular choices. Stencilling is another alternative. Pre-made patterns, ranging from decorative shapes to simple butterflies, can be brought online at affordable prices. The easiest way to create that ‘wow moment’, however, is by painting the ceiling a bold hue that contrasts well against the colour of your walls.


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