Are you interested to improve the design of your home by using different stair railing?


Nowadays, people try to find various innovative ways to improve their home designs. Not only can you improve your internal part of your home, but you can also think of decorating your deck spaces outside your home.


Creating a modern decked area will surely be able to complement your exterior styles that can offer both traditional and contemporary appearance.


However, here in this article, we shall restrict with few innovative ideas of using modern cable railing on the stair to offer new style and design to the internal spaces of your home.




If you use clear glass panels in the staircase railing, which is mounted in a simple metal frame, then it will offer a gorgeous look. Also, it can keep your small space quite airy and light even if it is a dark and crowded area.


Modern metal


By using a modern metal rail in your staircase, you can really pop off your stark white walls near the entryway. It can be a perfect complement to a contemporary type of black-and-white scheme in the decoration.


Painted rainbow


Even your ordinary-looking staircase railing can become extraordinary just by painting your balusters with different shades of color. By keeping the rest of the staircase painted white, your stair rail will be the focus on attention.


Wood and glass


Having a blond-toned wooden staircase railing can grace your glass panels top in your elegantly curved staircase. Also, if it is paired with similar wooden flooring, it will surely offer your space a very seamless look.


Wood curves


In your spiral staircase, this graceful curve will make it more dramatic with a rich wood railing which follows this arc completely. 


Designed by using same wood, you can highlight the room with this simple, sophisticated and beautiful curve.




In your staircase railing, by using rough-hewn wood beams, you can blend it with architectural elements of your rustic home. This design will bring the natural beauty of your outdoors inside and can make a big visual impact.




This kind of craftsman-style rail will incorporate two-toned wood panels by using geometric cutouts. The color of the wood will complement the wall panel throughout the entryway. Also, the cutouts will echo the pattern on your stained glass.


Geometric gold


Gold tones of your brass staircase railing will capture light and also brighten up your space. Any strong geometric pattern will echo the detail on your ceiling, and bring your theme together for offering a standout look.


Stainless steel cable


The natural beauty of the wood will marry with the streamlined look offered by stainless steel cable for your DIY-friendly staircase railing, which will be right for use in both indoors and outdoors.




If your home is near the beach then your house staircase will be bounded by a heavy rope, which is strung simply over each newel post. It is an outstanding compliment for the setting and also the décor of your home.


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