The importance of home staging cannot be overstated, given that staged properties usually sell faster and at a higher price. Post staging, the average home is expected to get a better bid from buyers by roughly 1-2.5%. On the other hand, luxurious houses, estates and penthouses can receive offers higher than the average market value of the property, by at least 3-5%. To get a proper idea of how and why home staging works, let’s take a look through some of the key associated factors next.

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What Do Home Stagers Do Exactly?

Home staging involves taking several, calculated steps towards improving the appearance of any property, before a pre-sales photoshoot is carried out, or before the walkthroughs begin. Depending on the particular property’s value, its condition, present décor, marketing strategy, etc. a professional home stager will first decide on the staging strategy. This strategy will then be implemented by:

  • Rearranging, removing and adding furniture, as well as other décor items such as paintings, photos, etc.
  • Adequately filling empty houses and apartments with the necessary furniture and décor elements
  • Rearranging the lighting system, if and when required
  • Shining up the floor, replacing old wallpaper and even repainting a few of the walls when needed

There might very well be additional features offered by your home stager, but these should serve to provide a decent introduction towards what they do.

Why Do Staged Properties Sell Faster and at Higher Prices?

Home staging is not just about making a home look pretty, rather it is about making a home look as appealing as it can possibly look to the target buyers. For example, Barion Design is a well-known New York home stager that works primarily within the NYC luxury real estate industry. As a result, they are an expert at staging property in ways that would appeal to high profile buyers and their exclusive tastes. A home that has been decorated specifically for the kind of people who are most likely to buy it, is a home that will sell better and faster for obvious reasons.

How Home Stagers Solve Key Problems that Negatively Affect a Home’s Price

In addition to improving the chance of selling homes at higher than market value, home stagers also solve a few basic problems in the process. Most homes open for walkthroughs when the owner has already moved out. At that stage, an empty house without anything in it but dust, wear and tear, may actually end up selling below the market value. In order for a potential buyer to be attracted to a house or apartment, the property should look like a home first. This is where the home stager comes in, assesses the situation and turns the empty house or penthouse into a luxurious, appealing home.

In case people are still living in a house during the presales photoshoot, a home stager helps in making the lived-in look feel more authentic, without letting it come in between the carefully disorganized look that potential home buyers find to be highly attractive.

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