Along with Pinterest, Instagram is a real treasure trove of inspiration; whether you’re looking for outfits or interiors, holiday destinations or restaurant recommendations. Top interior designers and home renovators alike are all taking to the platform to showcase the very best home décor trends, and thanks to hashtags, it’s easier than ever to see which styles are trending right now. Here, home furnishings retailer Terrys Fabrics discusses the top ten home design trends that are taking over Instagram right now. 



#Baywindow mentioned 224,177 times 


No doubt influenced by a rise in period property renovations, bay windows are mentioned a huge 224,177 times. Though notoriously difficult to style, bay windows are a particularly sought-after design element thanks to their ability to both inject light into a space, whilst also acting as an interesting architectural element. Made to measure blinds are the most regular accompaniment, look for neutral shades and subtle patterns for a modern take on a classic window space. 

#Rattanfurniture mentioned 166,339 times 

Rattan Furtinure



Mentioned a huge 166,339 on Instagram, rattan furniture is almost certainly having a huge home interiors moment. With so many of us looking to become more environmentally aware, it is no surprise that bleached neutral tones and natural organic designs are proving so popular. This trend, originally made popular back in the 1970’s, exudes an effortlessly chic bohemian style, embracing textured weaves in the form of storage solutions, bed heads and dining furniture. 

#Marbletable mentioned 142,883 times 


Marble and marble-esq materials have been a long-term design element in both kitchen and bathroom spaces, but the luxury aesthetic is now making waves in the furniture sector, being mentioned 142,883 times on the platform. A marble table adds a unique focal point to a living space, providing a perfect alternative to its wooden counterparts. 

#Barcart mentioned 155,777 times 


With recent times meaning that staying in is the new going out, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest interior trends for 2020 is an at home bar, with bar carts quickly becoming hot interior property. Mentioned a huge 155,777 times on Instagram alone, the bar card is a must-have accessory for entertaining; creating a social environment for guests and providing a focal point to a room. And whilst in decades gone by bar carts would serve more purpose and form, these days they come in many forms, offering both practicality and design. 



#Antiquerug mentioned 85,828 times


Mentioned over 85,000 times, vintage rugs are having a real moment. Home interior trends have been swaying towards the sustainable and the vintage for some time now, with many homeowners looking to reclaimed styles to add personality to their homes, so it’s little wonder that these classic beauties are gaining in such popularity. Many retailers have looked to upcycle old rugs to make them compatible with modern styles, with vintage and overdyed rugs being the result! For the ultimate in chic living, layer rugs with rustic furniture and modern accessories for a juxtaposed style. 


#Velvetsofa mentioned 56,083 times


With 56,083 mentions on the social platform, velvet sofas are yet another interiors staple that is on the rise in 2020. These days you can’t open an interiors magazine without seeing a plush sofa, with luxurious velvet materials providing a touch of glamour to living and reception spaces galore. For a classic look, stick to neutral shades of grey and blush or for a more modern take on the trend, look to petrol blue and garden green colour palettes. 

#Goldhardware mentioned 45,362 times 


Accents of gold and brass are making waves in home interiors and are set to become an even stronger trend throughout 2021. Gold hardware is certifiably taking over from its modern-age chrome counterparts, with a huge 45,362 mentions across the social platform. Particularly prominent in kitchens and bathrooms, gold taps, light fittings, door handles and knobs are all hugely popular, providing a trendy finish to any living space. The best thing about this trend? It’s relatively inexpensive, simply switching out your cupboard hardware to a brass shade can make the entire room feel like it’s had a makeover. 

#Greeninteriors mentioned 23,461 times


After Dulux named its colour of the year 2020 as Tranquil Dawn, it comes as no surprise that green is making a serious home interiors comeback, with “Green Interiors” hashtagged just over 23,000 on Instagram alone. Inspired by the morning sky, green is a seriously versatile shade which can be used to create inviting and welcoming spaces with a creative twist. Green is subtle enough to be downplayed, or bold enough to be striking depending on the style you’re after; the more relaxed shades are a perfect substitute for often overused grey.



#Pinkinteriors mentioned 15,681 times 



From Millennial to Powder, Tumblr and Scandi, new-generation pink is a huge home and interiors trend which is set to last the test of time. There is little doubt that millennial pink has soared in popularity, you only have to take a brief look at any of the 15,000 Instagram posts to find they’re all awash with delicate tones of blush and rose. In light of this, it comes as little surprise that interior lovers alike are swaying towards pink to create a welcoming and inviting space at home, looking to pink in bathrooms, living rooms and even kitchens to nail the trend.  



#Blueinteriors mentioned 10,566 times 



Despite many predictions and trend discussions, each year the design elite look to the authority of Pantone for guidance of the hot new colour for the coming year. 2020 was no different, with Pantone naming Classic Blue as it’s shade of choice. Described as “instilling calm, confidence, and connection”, the blue shade has rocketed in popularity, with searches for everything from blue kitchens to blue furniture increasing greatly. And the house-proud Instagram elite are no different, with over 10,000 tags of blue interiors, it’s clear that the trend is on the up. For serious trend points, make like the Instagrammers do and pair navy blue shades with hints of brass and grey for a modern take on a classic colour palette. 

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