Which one is the best brand? Is this size perfect for my hunting? With what frame? Is the material is worth this price? For me, what would be the best pack? Typically, people have their own budgets. They focus on buying the right product at a reasonable product that will run for the long term.

Renowned hunting blog Seeoutdoor.com has an in-depth guide on how to choose the hunting backpack. It is an essential part of the people who go hunting. That is the main point of this article.

What a Hunting Backpack Need

  • Comfort and reliability for your packages
  • Right volume
  • Weight should not be that much heavy
  • Other important parts:
    • Materials of fabrics
    • Adjustable
    • Compression of system

These features should be added and get prioritize based on your importance.

Comfort and reliability

To have a comfortable backpack, you need to maintain some tricks – 

  • A vertical frame which is stiff and solid enough
  • That frame should be tall enough so that it can lift off your shoulders. I mean the weight would be transfer to the belt
  • The hip belt won’t slip, rub, or bruise you.

When you push past almost the 80lb mark, then you will realize that whether your backpack is comfortable or not. If it is not comfortable, then your hip belt will slip, and the result will be that you will feel the pain.

Weight of your Backpack

Backpack weight is significant. A lighter backpack will win between two of your pack, which have similar longevity and comfort, the same length, and totally okay with the branding.

In your hunting, carrying a heavy backpack will slow you down. On the other hand, a lighter backpack will make you faster, and you will not be exhausted in your journey.  

Amount of Pack

There is a chart for volume which is asked to follow all the time. This volume is a necessity for your gear. The chart is given below:

Pack volume Days
3001-4000 CI 1-3 Days
4001-5000 CI 3-7 Days
5001-6000 CI 7-10 Days
6001 + CI 10+ Days


The above chart is for the backpacker who doesn’t have the experience with gear.

Other Things Which Need to Think About

Some facts should be in focus while thinking about hunting backpack.

  • Materials and fabrics
  • Frame height should adjustable
  • Solidity systems
  • Breakaway Carry
  • Riffle carry

Materials and fabrics

Hunting backpack should follow some criteria, and it also should be judged thoroughly – 

  • Repellency of water
  • Power of tear or the resistance to punctures
  • Noise
  • Resistance to Scratch

Frame Height Should Adjustable

Many pros and cons can be added for the height of the frame. For the heavy loads, tall structures are better, but there are some restrictions for the head movement and the branches that overhang the obstacle.

On the other hand, instead of using legs, short frames are elegant and quiet, moving through the brush, but it will also force you to bear too much weight on your shoulders.  

Backpack Solidity System

Naturally, three things should be focused well on hunting backpack’s compression system. They are – 

  1. Keep all of your gear safely
  2. At the day-hunting, the backpack should be loaded in small size, and if it is empty, it could shrink quickly. 
  3. Stable tons of meat so that it does not sag, “ball up,” or squeeze out the solidity system at the bottom of the bag. 

Breakaway Carry

Let’s discuss the Breakaway Carry pros and cons first – 

Pros – Breakaway makes it possible for a small daypack to carry a complete package in one journey.  

Cons – Duplicate fabrics will add more ounces to the pack, becoming more massive in the journey. 

Riffle carry

The most popular type of holding a weapon is either you can be controlled in hand, or you can strap it to your backpack’s face or at the side. Strapped at the backpack’s side is considered as the traditional way to carry.

Essential Tips for Your Hunting Backpack

Some essential tips which should be followed for your new pack;

Size: The backpack should not be too big for your hunting. It would help if you felt comfortable and efficient enough throughout your whole journey. And make sure that no wasting space should be there in your backpack. 

Fit: The pack should be adjustable with your body so that it can discomfort you in this long journey. Flexible means; your shoulder and also the chest straps can adjust correctly with the frame. 

Zippers: Don’t choose the backpack with weaker zippers. It is the worst nightmare for a hunter when the zippers don’t perform well on the journey. Whenever it is urgent, your zippers should open smoothly. 

Quality Structure: Backpack Quality should be number one so that it does not tear or rip in the journey. 

Features: The features of your backpack should be updated.  In your hunting, our pack should be performed more than just a bag.


The first and essential suggestion for your hunting backpack is to make sure that you pack designed especially for the hunting. The pack has to be built mostly for hunting. Either it can be a day-type pack or a full-sized pack into the wilderness areas. That is how to choose the hunting backpack. I hope you have the basic ideas to prepare.

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