No matter who you are, one thing is certain: everyone loves a new set of furniture.

Miami is a place full of life, color, and diversity, so it’s no wonder that many of the world’s biggest home decor items make their initial debuts within the city limits. This new year has brought along all sorts of innovative ideas and breathtaking interior decorating. Now is the perfect time to begin updating your home to suit your style best, from tables and couches to bathroom mirrors and the basement futon. Out with the old, in with the new!

Whether you’re updating the living room or adding some pizzazz to the kitchen, you (and your guests) will go gaga for these en vogue furniture items.

  1. Many is Better Than One

What’s better than a beautiful coffee table? A beautiful coffee table that also acts as an armchair, an extra side table, and a rolling food cart. Pretty neat, huh?

Multifunctional furniture is one of the fastest growing trends in the Miami home decorating sphere. What’s not to love about these modernized, minimalistic designs? For the Miami homeowner, it’s very important to open as much space as possible to give rooms a bright, airy feeling. Additional clutter simply won’t do.

Visit local Miami furniture outlets, like the well-known Rana Furniture stores, and you’ll see that today’s furniture and decor trends focus on less clutter and more space. Try furniture pieces such as a shelf and lamp combination, or a mirror that folds out into an additional table. Your possibilities are nearly endless.

  1. Did Somebody Say Antiques?

These days it doesn’t take long for what seems outdated to become voraciously in-demand. If you’ve got handcrafted, distressed, or antique furniture around your home, chances are you’re entirely up-to-date with one of this year’s hottest trends.

Miami tends to be a busy hotspot of postmodern design, but the pattern is starting to change. Visitors to your home love to see passion, color, and soul in every room they encounter. True that the sleek, modernized curves of our twenty-first century furniture is pleasing to the eye, but a nod to antiquity always brightens up a home.  Every homeowner should own at least one piece of antique furniture to fully flesh out their interior decorating.

  1. Extreme Bed Makeover: You Edition

What other place do we feel so at home in than the humble bed? Cozy, warm, and definitively welcoming, beds are places to run to after a long, hard day. It’s not surprising that these crucial elements of home would change a bit over time.

Every Miami home needs a bed, but style and comfort should reign king above all other considerations. Comfort can be engineered with soft, upholstered headboards and cushiony footboards. Do beds always need to be made from wood? Look at some innovative new styles, from country pleasures like cloth and leather to exotic textures like velvet. Give you and your guests the gift of total hospitality, even while they’re asleep.

Only the Tip of the Iceberg

The world of furniture and home design is a vast and ever-expanding territory, constantly changing to match the needs of the new year. In Miami especially, exploring with new furniture in your home is a wonderful chance to customize for guests old and new and put a pep into your step. No two homes are ever alike, and with some unique finds and tasteful amendments, yours will make an impressionable mark on everyone who walks through the front door.

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