Internationally-renowned Brazilian steakhouse, Fogo de Chão, has completed their renovation by combining their Southern Brazilian roots with modern, contemporary designs. Notable redesigns to this Beverly Hills staple include an expansion of Bar Fogo, an upgraded outdoor patio, a new look at the ultimate sides bar, aka the Market Table, and a living greenery wall. During a night filled with food and drinks, the Destination Luxury crew had the opportunity to experience the new and improved restaurant.

Photo Courtesy of Fogo de Chão

Upon arrival the first thing that catches your eye was the new and improved Bar Fogo, now equipped with an imported white Carrara marble bar. The expansion of the bar area included many different types of appetizers like Brazilian Empanadas, chicken sliders, and garlic shrimp. To go alongside the appetizers they offer craft cocktails like the Mango Habanero Caipirinha, Cucumber Mint Smash, and the Flor de Fresca.

Subsequently we headed to the new dining room area, filled with natural light after Fogo de Chão traded in the heavy windows for a sheer curtain approach. Once seated, we were treated with the new Market Table, which is now made from imported white Carrara marble, and the Feijoada bar. Here we had the pleasure of tasting a wide selection of seasonal salads, soups, fresh vegetables, imported cheeses, Feijoada (black bean stew) as well as other classic Brazilian side dishes.

Photo Courtesy of Fogo de Chão

Soon thereafter, it was time for the meat. Here they provide each guest with a small two sided sign that allows the customer to let the gaucho chefs know when they are ready to eat. When the sign is showing red, it means that the customer is not ready for meat, or does not want any more. When flipped to the green side, the gaucho chefs will walk over to the table and carve the meats table side. The meats that were served table side included; Beef Ancho (Rib Eye), Linguiça (Sausage), Medalhões com Bacon (Bacon wrapped Steak), along with a variety of others.

Photo Courtesy of Fogo de Chão.

Please visit Fogo de Chão to learn more about this restaurant.

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