Wine serves as a cultural symbol of having a fine lifestyle in any given situation. They have undergone a lot of studies and crafted patiently by winery experts. They are always part of any celebration that every individual is celebrating. To be honest, celebrating a worthwhile event in one’s life is not complete without toasting a glass of wine.

Technically, there are different wines you can find in any given market. They come in different sizes, types, prices, and especially flavors. Each wine is made for a specific purpose and usage. Thus, it is a must that you have to understand first what kind of wine you want to buy at the same time checking whether for what purpose it should serve.

Generally, there are two types of wine you might know. These are white wines and red wines. Having said that, resveratrol is a significant ingredient that a wine must have because they bring good benefits to our body. Ideally, white wines contain less resveratrol while red wines contain the other way around. Basically, in your search for a good quality of the wine, you might consider looking into the different kinds of labels and brands you can find in the market. As a consumer, it is also a must that you consider the origin of the wine and how it’s being processed so you can make sure that you’re getting that right quality that fits your taste. Hence, let’s take a look at a kind of wine that never goes out of style since its development.

The Sokolin Haut Brion is one of the senile wines you can find in Bordeaux and it’s the only brand that makes a name all by its own. Ideally, the winery business and winemaking have existed for many years now and the production of Haut-Brion wines became the foundation of turning a winery business successful. The first Haut-Brion wines were owned by first four families only which had brought so much impact to them bringing their name to a much more reputable ground.

Looking into the history and evolution of Haut-Brion wines, it was from 1533 to 1748 where the Pontacs invented the first vineyard in which they developed the first Haut-Brion wine as a premier wine. The very first elite individuals who consume this wine on a regular basis were King Charles II and Samuel Pepys. During 1748 to 1790 it was the Furnel family that took over the said vineyard and Haut-Brion production. This was also the time that Thomas Jefferson, an American President has visited the winery and production of Haut-Brion and called the wine as “The Best of Bordeaux Wine.

Continuing in 1836 until 1922, the Haut-Brion wine production was passed to the Larrieu family and they took control of it. During their control, the estate granted their request to have the first growth status in overcoming phylloxera that destroyed a lot of vineyards in Bordeaux.  Then, in 1935, the American Dillon family were granted by the estate to take over the Haut-Brion development. During Dillon’s time, there are lots of significant renovations made for the Haut-Brion vineyard production where they use stainless-steel tanks in order for the wine to undergo full vinification. Amidst of the fact, the Haut-Brion vineyard and production has passed several families and caretakers, its quality and personality remain the same up until this day.

Moreover, the origin of Haut-Brion wine name is interesting. The “Brion” name is derived from the word “briga” which means “hill”. The vineyard where the production of Haut-Brion is developed is made of profound gravel soils in which there is more volume of sand and clay where Merlot is highly produced. The vineyard since then is amenable to produce around 44% of cabernet sauvignon, 1% Petit Verdot, 42% is for the red plantings, and 135 covers the cabernet franc. Furthermore, the remaining part of the winery is being shared to produce Semillon and Sauvignon blanc wines.

The production of Haut-Brion wines has been brought to a higher level until this day since the management of Jean-Philippe Masclef has taken place since 1995. Jean is a resident oenologist that makes sure the quality of every Haut-Brion wine produced. He makes sure that each grape undergoes thoroughly in a stainless-steel for vinification, passes plot every plot of tanks carefully, tastes each wine for evaluation before they came up with final blend and bottle of Haut-Brion wine.

In overall, Haut -Brion wines are always a stable wine choice for elite families. They are always part of any celebration or even present on the table for an ordinary meal. Through the years, it has brought different satisfaction to every individual sipping a glass of it. Therefore, if you want ultimate entertainment and fun celebrating a momentous event in your life, grabbing a bottle of Haut-Brion wine will surely help you achieve that dream.

Author’s Bio:

Scarlett Wells is a full-time writer and wine expert. She is an active critique examining all levels of wine types so she can produce reviews and articles that will help guide every consumer in selecting the right kind of wine to drink. Aside from that, she wrote a lot of blogs maximizing the real usage of wines.

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