Travel pros will tell you that they have forgotten many things on their travels: toothpaste, comfortable shoes, umbrellas, favorite jackets, and more. While it is easy to find toothpaste in the most exotic countries, there are some travel essentials that you cannot leave behind.


Consider these things to be your lifesavers — the travel essentials that will keep you on the grid, efficient, and safe. So while you can leave behind your fifth floral dress or your tenth bottle of facial cream, the following are the nine travel essentials you must always travel with.


Passport copies


Bringing your passport with you should be a no-brainer, but don’t stop there. Bring copies of your passport as well and leave a copy with a trusted family member back home. You should also consider having an electronic copy of your passport on your phone. In case you lose your passport, or it gets stolen, having a copy will make it easier for you to move about in a foreign country while you get a new one.


Travel adaptor


All of our gadgets require charging, and if you don’t have the right adaptor, they’re useless. From phones to tablets, blow dryers, and more, we need to charge these gadgets to keep things efficient when traveling. Travel adapters will not take that much space in your luggage, and they are incredibly convenient when plugs are different from the ones back home.


Portable charger


Whether we are traveling on  or by train, a car, or walking about, our phones play a huge role when we travel. They help us reach our destination, thanks to navigation apps. However, having to head back to our hotel to charge our phone is an inconvenience, and this is where a portable charger can be of great use.


Much like the travel adapter, a portable charger is light and tiny, and you can carry it all day with you in your backpack to use when you need it most. 


Inflight entertainment


For some people, flying is a rush, and they enjoy every minute of it, but for most of us, flying can be tedious and time-consuming. If you are part of the latter group, then bringing the right inflight entertainment is always a good idea. 


This can be anything from a good book, a series you have long been waiting to watch on your tablet or a pack of cards. Whatever it is that will keep you entertained, bring it along.

Spare clothes


You may never lose your luggage, but if it happens, the frustration levels can be high. Accordingly, when you are packing your clothes, keep a spare outfit in your hand luggage, so that if your main suitcase is lost, you don’t have to keep wearing the same underwear. 

Plastic slides


Vacations can be pretty glamorous, but a fungal infection on your foot never is. Whether you are staying in a B&B, a luxury hotel, or a private villa, using plastic slides when showering is always a good idea. You cannot be sure how well the shower was disinfected. So why would you take the risk of infection?



You don’t need to pack your whole medicine chest when traveling, but carrying essential medicine is always a good idea. Think about the medicine you use regularly. If you suffer from migraines, bring the right medication with you. 


Don’t rely on local pharmacies. They may carry brands you are not familiar with. Moreover, it can be inconvenient to travel for a long time and simply purchase a Panadol pack.




The air can get dry on the plane, and this can result in dry skin. Moreover, jet lag, cold or warm temperatures can also dry our skin, so bring along a moisturizer that you can use on your face and body. You may not have the space to bring thirteen different facial products, but you can bring a tiny tub of moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. While on a road trip, take precautionary measures like using sanitizer, and keeping the inside of your car clean and roomy by shifting the luggage on the car roof rack.






Even before the pandemic, bringing disinfectant wipes was always a good idea, but now, more than ever, disinfectant is crucial to keep harmful bacteria away. You will be using public transport, touching a myriad of surfaces and things, all of which have been touched by thousands of people before you. So yes, disinfectant is and will always be a lifesaver. 



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