Singapore is one of the smallest yet at the same time most modern countries in Asia. It is known for its cutting-edge urban system, ultra-modern skyscrapers, exciting attraction and an important center of economic activity. Singapore is also known as the “city in a garden” for its beautiful green landscapes and the natural environment that has been sustained despite all the modern development. If you are looking to visit a destination that is a perfect family holiday spot with a dynamic culture, thrilling attractions, natural serenity and scrumptious food then Singapore is the place to be.

Here are 6 things that you can do while you are vacationing in Singapore.

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6. Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is all about gardens, parks and rainforests and Gardens by the Bay takes the lead among all of them. It’s a beautifully designed attraction, located in Marina Bay where you can experience Mother Nature up close. Gardens by the Bay houses indoor botanical gardens, rainforests, and sky observatory to get an aerial view of the beautiful Marina Bay. It also boasts the world’s largest greenhouse and is home to botanical species from all over the planet. This beautiful attraction is an architectural marvel given the way it blends nature with the man-made modern world.


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5. Singapore Botanical Gardens

You will be surprised by the number of parks and green spaces that a metropolis like Singapore sports. The Singapore Botanical Gardens sprawl over 60 acres of land and is one of the best attractions in Singapore. It takes you through the natural splash of colors with the most beautiful flowers, plantations and botanical species from all over the world.


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4. Marina Bay

Marina Bay has most of the key attractions of Singapore such as Gardens by the Bay, Art Science Museum and Floating Stadium. If you are free of any budget restrictions then treat yourself with an exquisite accommodation at the world-class Marina Bay Sands Resort, which is also the key landmark of Singapore. Even if you are not staying at the resort, a stroll through the Marina Bay is a must to be able to enjoy the true essence of the city.


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3. Sentosa Islands

Sentosa is an island resort full of fun activities for the whole family. It is home to attractions such as Universal Studios, the underwater aquarium and ifly Singapore —  you can easily dedicate a week to enjoy Sentosa alone if you are truly a theme park fan.

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2. Shopper’s Paradise

Although Singapore can be on a slightly pricier side when it comes to shopping, it has most of the renowned brands from all over the world along with local shopping options. From Sephora to Gucci to Prada to Marks and Spencer and more, you will find everything to satisfy your holiday shopping cravings in Singapore.

1. Cosmetic Procedures

Singapore boasts some of the best cosmetic procedure centers and doctors in the world. The fact that getting a cosmetic procedure is significantly less expensive than having the same procedure in the west makes it even more attractive. Consider getting a noninvasive procedure done while you are vacationing in Singapore. From a facelift to achieve a youthful look, to getting rid of that unwanted hair on your body, you will find it all here.

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