Toning your body and slimming your figure are not the only things you’ll get as a result of regular exercise. You will sleep better, lose anxiety and process sugar more efficiently. This all may happen on the inside, but it will be shown on the outside. And if this wasn’t enough to motivate you, check out these other health benefits of exercise which will make you glow.

7. Radiant skin

After the exercise, your pores open and sweat pushes the dirt and oil out. This is almost as you were having a facial. All you have to do after the exercise is to wash your face and prevent the dirt to go back in your pores.

Additionally, exercise reduces inflammation and helps in regulation of the hormones important for the skin. It also prevents possible damage by the free radicals. When your heart rate is up, the arteries in the skin have an increased blood flow and that carries nutrients which will repair damage from the sun and pollutants. These nutrients also help fibroblasts, cells which produce collagen, to work better. This boosted collagen production makes your skin look younger.

6. More self-confidence

Exercise boosts self-confidence which makes you more charming and charismatic. Numerous studies showed that people who regularly exercised felt better about themselves and that was visible to those around them. This happened even before the exercise changed their bodies. The very notion they are actively doing something to change how they look had increased their energy levels.

5. You will grow

Although exercise will help you grow as a person it will also increase your stature. This is a known fact for those who practice yoga and pilates. These exercises stretch the muscles while making them more defined simultaneously. Also, this leads to corrected posture and thus adds height.

One of the obvious consequences of the modern life consisting of constant cell phone/tablet/laptop use is that most of the people have bad posture. Muscle stretching lengthens the skeletal system so by participating in regular exercise, your posture improves and you grow taller. You may feel sore since the body is adjusting but it’s nothing that some luxurious spa treatments can’t mend.

4. Less anxiety and stress

Anxiety directly influences your mood and creates a barrier between you and your social life. You start being uncertain, too self-aware and it starts to show on your face and demeanor. Exercise helps you calm the mood and be more positive. The great thing is that it only takes 15 minutes of running, swimming, or other exercise to increase your heart rate. The same applies to the effects stress.

This all happens because during the workout your body produces endorphins. They improve your sleep and that reduces your stress levels. Research shows that regular exercise improves self-esteem, decreases tension and elevates the mood. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, there’s a lot of exercises you can do at your house.

3. Better care of yourself

Having a regular exercise routine will cause you to pay more attention to how good it feels to take care of yourself. Eventually, you will start taking even better care of yourself in other areas, like your diet and lifestyle. Turning to the healthy options like rice protein and low carb formulas after the workout will help you with balanced eating habits. You’ll start using more quality ingredients, beneficial foods and turn to healthier preparation techniques. This apparent change in lifestyle will make you more easygoing and open, which will, in turn, have a positive effect on your surroundings.  

2. Reduced visceral fat

After committing to an exercise regime and a change in diet, you might notice the fat around your stomach start to melt away. However, it will also have an effect on the less visible fat around abdominal organs. This kind of fat can create inflammations which in turn cause serious conditions like cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and mental illness, like dementia. Additionally, it will influence the state of your skin by upsetting the hormonal balance.

1. Restfulness

Insomnia has increasingly become more and more of a problem in the last decade. It’s affected 60 million people in the US alone, based on a Harvard Medical School survey. The issue often leaves dark circles under the eyes, your skin pales, hair becomes brittle and you feel exhausted most of the time. An intense workout will tire you enough to want to lie down, but it also makes your body deal more efficiently with the high cortisol levels. In turn, you will sleep better and because of it, you will feel rested and fresh.

Final thoughts

Exercise is not just good for weight loss. It affects the body chemistry positively, which becomes visible on the outside. Stress management and healthy sleep influence your skin tone, mood and the way you perceive yourself. Simply put, regular exercise will make you glow.

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