The change in seasons, though bringing much-welcomed warmth and light, can wreak havoc on your skin.  Just as soon as one routine yields positive results, the shift in temperature and humidity cancels everything out.  These two key luxury beauty products are ideal for those in search of glowing, plump, hydrated skin as we move deeper into the spring season.


First up, Olga Lorencin’s Red Carpet Facial In A Box, a Halle Berry fave, is an ideal pick for anyone looking to do a bit of facial spring cleaning and encourage a beautiful, natural glow. Truly magic in red, cube-like package, this product was designed by one of Hollywood’s leading esthetician, Olga Lorencin, to provide skincare mavens at-home access to the luxury offering her spa developed to ensure that today’s biggest celebrities look their very best on the red carpet.

Image Courtesy of Olga Lorencin

Using some of the same signature lactic acid-based exfoliation that is the foundation of much of the spa’s legendary treatments, Red Carpet Facial helps to truly detox, clean, brighten and refine the skin like few other luxury skincare products. However, the final step which offers a masterful blend of hydrating richness is part of the product’s true allure.

The three-step process takes approximately 20 minutes leaving skin with nothing but renewed radiance that is fully prepped for the spring and beyond.

However, for those seeking everyday luxury and true regeneration of cells, actual contouring of skin and refinement like no other serum, Cle de Peau is not only still a triumph in skincare science but the brand, which is one of the most expensive on the market, has amped up its offering.


Recently released, Le Serum takes the previous Firming Serum Supreme, already perfection, to an exponential new level. Skin that has been dehydrated, fatigued and aged after the various winter stresses are revitalized nearly on-contact with this anti-aging serum.  Utilized both morning and night, the new formula provides skin with a radiance that completely supersedes the sallow tone that is often synonymous with cooler months of the year.

Image Courtesy of Cle de Peau

The company’s Illuminating Complex EX not only refines the skin but also seals in moisture to not only promote greater hydration but also a more youthful appearance.  Boasting state-of-the-art boosting technology which the company calls 4D, the true value of this product is that it fully meets the hype by truly reducing the appearance of sagging skin and fine lines.  The skin is more smooth and translucent after one usage and the effects are reinforced via usage over time. This is truly luxury at its finest with the new key ingredients of Chai Hu, White Lily and Tormentilla Extract working together to create a power-packed result that helps the skin defy the effects of gravity.

One of the best investments one can make in the era of personal branding is in key innovation in skincare.  The return on investment is a luxury from which anyone can benefit.

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