Ready or not, 2018 is upon us and it time to wipe off the glitter and morning-after mascara. Out with the old and in with the new YOU!  We compiled an assortment of look-better-naked-in-2018 beauty products. You’re welcome.


Madonna gives good face and her new skincare line, MDNA Skin is everything one would expect —  elegant, edgy and in your face!  The Chrome Clay Mask Rejuvenator Set is a high tech mineral mask and magnetic removal system that takes the phrase “Out with the old, in with the new” to the next level.

Unlike traditional mud masks which can be drying and difficult to remove, this mask works double time to gently remove debris and infuse skin with nutrients and hydration and the magnetic removal device literally lifts, magnetically levitating the mask from the skin.  Only Madonna could make masking, detoxing and infusing this luxurious and sexy.

The applicator looks like polished space metal harvested from an invitation-only private planet.  The removal and infusing device is our favorite part: it has two heads, the magnetic head easily removes the Chrome Clay Mask along with any impurities it collects and the infusion head optimizes delivery of the moisturizing serum that remains behind imparting Madonna’s signature glow.

BEAUTY PRODUCTS - first blush

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BEAUTY PRODUCTS - first blush

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Walking into the treatment lounge at the The Spa, Ritz Carlton Los Angeles is like having an out of body experience enveloped in a fancy cloud of cashmere and candlelight.  We were so relaxed perched upon a grecian lounge waiting for our Marula Ritual Body Treatment that we dozed off and woke up just in time to slough off 2017 and welcome 2018 with baby soft, rich girl skin from head to toe!

South African lava crystals refine the complexion followed by a warming wrap which allows the mineral-rich mud to fully penetrate, detoxifying winter worn tissues followed by a scalp, facial and full body hydrating massage.  Like a butterfly launching from a cocoon, we left feeling light as a feather and fully renewed to welcome the New Year.

BEAUTY PRODUCTS - first blush

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Winter weather and boot season is hell on feet — chapped, calloused, pedicure-resistant dry skin is less than sexy and Jimmy Choo season is right around the corner.  After being equally fascinated and repulsed by the numerous viral videos showing dead skin literally molting off of feet, almost like removing skin socks, we finally bolstered up the guts to try Baby Foot Exfoliating Foot Peel Treatment with the hopes of having stiletto worthy feet for the New Year.   As expected, the 4-day peeling process was worth the wait and the work of peeling: our feet have never looked and felt better! We will be doing this quarterly.

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Celebrities and models know how to shed inches FAST and when they need to get Red Carpet ready, they go to The Contour Room and relax for an hour in a machine called The Ballancer Pro.  The balloon-like body shaping device looks like a zip up snow suit made of inflatable compression pants and jacket connected to a network of air tubes that massage the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes in the proximal areas near the core of the body to naturally release toxins, flush excess fluid from the body and regulate the metabolic system.  Within a one hour treatment, inches are shed and the appearance of cellulite is temporarily reduced.  Many book a few sessions days before hitting the Red Carpet and the following day to reduce a hangover.  The lymphatic system is responsible for removing toxins and waste from the body and is easily affected by stress, poor diet and inactivity.  Long term results include improved energy, reduction in cellulite, improved muscle tone and improved immune system.

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Sugary, caffeine loaded energy drinks are soooo 2017.  Ditch the stuff that “gives you wings” for something that actually fuels rocket ships and human cells- Hydrogen!  Perricone Hydrogen Water has been spotted in the hands of Celebs and their A-List trainers leaving the gym, hiking up the canyons and running through airports- it is quickly taking the place of the always present coffee cup in paparazzi shots seen around Beverly Hills.

We wanted to know more and got the scoop from Dr. Nicholas Perricone, renowned Dermatologist, Scientist and the authority on anti-aging, just ask the most beautiful faces in the business, they all know his approach to beauty and health from the inside out and rely on his anti-inflammatory products to keep youthful, healthy skin. His research revels how hydrogen improves communication between the  mitochondria and nucleus of the cell resulting in healthier cells the effects are improved mental clarity, workout recovery and jet lag!

If one of your New Year Resolutions was to drink more water, check that box by including Perricone Hydrogen Water into your daily regime.

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Basis, a supplement developed by Elysium Health may be the magic pill that helps our bodies tap into the fountain of youth at a cellular level. The cutting-edge lab has conducted extensive human clinical studies which have proven that using can increase the coenzyme NAD+ which declines as we age and the body uses to power metabolism-levels in the blood safely and sustainably resulting in highly functioning cells which will make you look and feel younger.  It is combined with Pterostilbene, a substance created by plants to protect against internal and external stresses.  All in all, studies show that subjects sleep better, experience improved metabolic rates, reduce stress and feel like using Basis daily turns back the clock. We’ll take a double!

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Dare to be (almost) bare and face the day with #wokeuplikethis skin. Replace your old, heavy foundation and color products to get  glowing skin with No Makeup Makeup by Perricone MD. It emparts a fresh faced, dewy finish and is loaded with Perricone’s signature good-for-you ingredients.

Feel confident that every product is nourishing and protecting your skin while neutralizing redness and actively improving texture and appearance.  The eye serum contains anti-aging Acyl-Glutethione to firm lids and the lip, while the cheek color contains DMAE to firm skin and looks good on every skin tone.

DLX contributor Hillary Clark is a Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist and beauty editor.
She has been featured in Allure, Allure Bride, The New York Times, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Bazaar and InStyle Magazines.


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