Beautifully curated.

Those are the first words to flow through my head as I reminisce over every moment of my first ever Diner en Blanc in Los Angeles. Over 2,600 people convened in Pershing Square, the epicenter of Downtown, Los Angeles dressed completely in white.

Originating in Paris over 25 years ago, Diner en Blanc has become a globally produced event in the most metropolitan cities in the world. The Destination Luxury team was courteously invited by the title sponsor Celebrity Cruises. Here is a birds eye view inside one of the world’s most interesting events.

The location of the event is kept top secret until approximately an hour before the event. Guests purchase tickets to the event and have designated meeting points (many different points of Los Angeles) where shuttles take them to the location. Since we were invited by Celebrity Cruises, they had us meet at the downtown LA meetup point and we were able to walk directly to the location!  Now that is VIP treatment.

There is one part that I left out which makes this such a unique pop up dinner – guests bring their own chairs, tables, table cloths, food and drinks!



The Destination Luxury team with Gilles Amsallam, one of the hosts of the famous Diner en Blanc.

Pershing Square was the venue of this year’s Diner En Blanc. We loved the wide open space and the towering skyscrapers that surrounded us as we dined beneath the stars. An amazing sound system was setup all throughout the space and the music was blasting. After all the tables and chairs were setup, guests started dining on the food they brought.

Everyone partied the night away. Here’s Destination Luxury executive team selfie.

People went all out on their food. We saw macaroons, filet mignon, salmon, caviar, and even creme brulee. This was the fanciest picnic I have scene and the sheer volume of people was impressive. It was an ocean of beautiful people dressed in white enjoying themselves and celebrating life!

Two women dressed in white take a picture using their selfie stick as 2600 people dine in the background.


This is the only moment in history where 2600 people have gathered in all-white at Pershing Square. Downtown has now become the hotspot of Los Angeles and it is no surprise that they chose this as a location.

Our Editor-in-Chief snapped a photo with  Jamie Chung of the Scorpion King.


Some guests came prepared to brighten up the evening. This is the VIP area which was dressed with illuminated tables and plush white leather sofas.

A woman stands proudly in front of her table which is dressed with a tall white sculpture and covered in butterflies..

Once dinner was over, it was time to dance. Attendees walked to the dance floor and that’s when the party really started. The DJ played chic Latin beats that got the crowd going. I felt like I had been transported from the lawn of the Lourve in Paris to the heart of Ibiza.

Our Editor-in-Chief posed with the Celebrity Cruise’s model. Indeed, the #grassisgreener. The model is wearing a “table skirt” covered with macaroons, roses and greenery.

This menu and table was a specialty catered by Celebrity Cruises.

Jamie Chung was one of a number of celebrities in attendance. She is dressed in a stunning one-piece jumpsuit with wide pant-legs and a fitted top.


How can there be a French-themed event without the requisite platter of cheese, bread, jamon, and wine?


This is obviously his natural hair color. We love his white tuxedo. He is definitely trying to bring the classic look back to Los Angeles.

Here is a video of the first year Diner en Blanc came to Los Angeles.

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