Many people have their opinions of the Apple Watch.  Some say that it looks more like a PC than the sleek design that Apple has branded itself as. Some people will spend a lot more money just to get the prestigious Apple Gold watch. The watch is sleek and sophisticated with the standard Apple face.

Apple unveiled its newest collaboration with combines the watch’s functional stainless steel body with one of the world’s most established luxury brands, Hermes. Jonathan Ive said “Apple and Hermès make very different products, but they reflect deep appreciation of quality design.”
A “Double Tour” watch model that wraps twice around your hand will go for $1,250 (38 mm watch only) while the single tour models will go for $1100.

When you compare the $1,250 to a typical Hermes watch (approximately $2,000), the price isn’t too bad. The watch has a lot of functionality and you get all the brand cache of wearing Hermes.

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