It is so easy to let unnecessary items pile up in the bathroom. At first, it is just a few old toothbrushes or skincare oils, but over time, they start adding up. As the pile grows, they can cause quite a clutter, getting in people’s way, making tasks in the bathroom more strenuous and complicated. The simple way to remedy this is to clear out all of the unnecessary stuff in your bathroom. Following are ten unnecessary items you may have lying around your bathroom that are taking up to much space.

Old Medications

Old medications include both prescription and over the counter medications. Lots of drugs have one primary purpose. After these medicines are used, and you are feeling better, you are left with a half-empty bottle taking up space in your bathroom. Some medications expire, while others have a long shelf life. If you wish to clear up space in your cabinet or shelf, go through all of the old medications and check expiration dates. Expired medications can be tossed away while you can save the ones that are still good. Once you have discovered which medications are still good for use, organize them. There are several ways to organize your medications. Alphabetical order or expiration dates are an excellent way to organize your medicine. Then,  put the medications in a farmhouse bathroom vanity to clear out space.

Tooth Brushes

If you cannot remember the last time you or a family member replaced your toothbrushes, you are most likely due to a new one. After around three months, you should replace toothbrushes. This prevents the toothbrush from getting full of bacteria. A toothbrush filled with bacteria is of no use for cleaning teeth. When you replace your toothbrush, make sure you throw away the previous one. Many people forgot to throw away their previous toothbrush resulting in clutter. This can also confuse the household. If toothbrushes overrun your sink, people may choose the wrong one when brushing their teeth. Once you create a habit of replacing your toothbrush after three months, your dental hygiene and bathroom clutter will become much better.

Travel-Size Items

Travel-size items are very convenient for trips. They are small and can be stored quite easily, but still hold enough product to get you through your vacation. It is mindless to let these items sit in the bathroom once you get back. However, there will most likely be a very little of the shampoo, conditioner or lotion left. Not little enough to throw away, but not enough to get good use out of. These will often pile up in your closet, near your sink, or even in your shower or tub. The best thing you can do is throw these items out as soon as you get home from your trip. This will prevent them from accumulating and creating clutter in your bathroom. If there is a little amount of stuff in the containers, make sure you use it and then throw it out.

Outdated Cosmetics

Makeup is one of the most common things that pile up in the bathroom. This is mainly because there are often new makeup trends that the public wants to try out. People will often purchase makeup, use it for a little while, then acquire more in hopes of trying out a new trend. After this happens, the makeup starts to pile up and contribute to clutter. Makeup clutter also happens because people change. Preferences often change, resulting in wanting new or different makeup. When this change happens, makeup piles up. Makeup often does not work as it is advertised. When this happens, most people just throw it aside. Once that happens too many times, even more, clutter is created.

Hair Products

Hair products pile up almost as much as makeup. Hair product companies are great at advertising their products. Just like makeup, hair products do not work as well as advertisements make them out to. You have probably used the hair product a couple of times, and after it failed to live up to expectations, you threw it to the side. If you have done this, you likely have a lot of unneeded hair products in your bathroom. To clear space, you can either use hair products or get rid of them.

Spa Gift Sets

Spa gift sets are often very appealing and make for a great present. Once you receive them, it is most likely that you just forgot about it. You already have the products you need, so why would you change to something different? If you have unneeded spa gift sets, you can either use them, throw it away, or use it as a gift for someone else.

Contact Lens Cases

Many people who wear contacts have multiple cases. These people who have multiple cases most likely only use one or two of them. If you have an excessive amount of contact cases left, it is best to either repurpose them to hold something else or throw them away. You can also give them away to others who use contact lenses.

Shower Products

Shower products can often cause a large amount of clutter. Things like soap, razors, and loofahs can take up a large amount of space. Throw out the unneeded products and replace the needed ones when necessary.

Towels and Washcloths

Towels and washcloths take up the absolute most space in your bathroom. Get rid of unneeded towels and make sure to wash your towels periodically. Throw away the towels you have had for a long time. These towels will most likely be discolored and have ripped. You can cut the old towels and use them as dishrags, or just throw them away.

Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes are often only purchased once. They sit in the corner and aren’t used at all. Even though you don’t use it a lot, it should be replaced at least once a year.

Go through your bathroom and find the dirty, little culprits that keep the bathroom from being the haven it should be. 


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