Nearly 26 million people visited Malaysia in 2018, according to numbers from the Malaysia tourism minister. While that’s below the country’s goal of having 30 million visitors a year by 2020, it still shows that Malaysia has a lot to offer tourists.

The most famous city in Malaysia is probably Kuala Lumpur, which is both the capital and largest city. But there are other places to visit in Malaysia as well.

If you’re considering Malaysia travel, keep reading. We’ve got tips for navigating the country and ensuring you have an unforgettable vacation.

Maritime History in Malacca

The southwestern city of Malacca was a major trading hub. British, Dutch, and Portuguese colonists all settled the area at various times, and you can still spot the influence of trade when you visit one of the many maritime museums within Malacca.

If you like antiques, check out Jonker Street. Even if you don’t, there’s still a great night market with lots of sights to see.

People interested in religious sites should head to the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. It was established in 1645, making it the oldest operating temple in Malaysia.

The Limestone Hills of Ipoh

If you travel a little over 100 miles north of Kuala Lumpur, you’ll hit Ipoh. It’s one of the largest cities in the country and an increasingly popular tourist destination to boot.

The limestone hills are Ipoh’s calling card and one of the first things you’ll notice. But if the hills aren’t your thing, that’s OK, because you’ll find plenty of lakes and forests worth exploring as well.

Getting close to nature doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury. Staying at an elegant Ipoh hotel with tons of amenities is ideal for getting the best of both worlds.

Get a massage or play a game of tennis during your Ipoh stay. If you have kids, look for a hotel with a theme park, water park, or both.

Ipoh is also great for couples seeking a romantic getaway. A poolside bar at your hotel is the perfect place to toast an anniversary.

Staying Safe in Malaysia

It’s common to worry about safety when traveling overseas. But that shouldn’t be an issue in Malaysia. It’s generally a lot safer than places like Thailand and Indonesia.

You’re more likely to be the victim of an insect bite than to be the victim of a violent attack. Yet you should be aware of your surroundings any time you travel.

When making Malaysia travel plans, avoid the seedier parts of cities like Kuala Lumpur. Don’t leave your purse or luggage unattended either.

Also, steer clear of remote parts of northern and eastern Sabah. Kidnappings are more common in that part of the country.

In fact, there’s no need to visit Sabah at all. Stick to the more secure parts of Malaysia and you’ll be fine.

Planning Malaysia Travel

Malaysia travel may not be at the top of your list, especially if you’re an American. But anyone who writes it off is missing out on some unique travel experiences.

At Destination Luxury, our goal is to help you find travel experiences that will enrich your life. Bookmark our blog to stay current on other locations worth exploring.

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