If you are like most people, you probably travel for rest and relaxation, not to mention just getting away from day-to-day life. Unfortunately, when most people want to relax, they like to know that they look good while they are doing it. What follows are four tips for traveling fashionably.

Of course, all fashion begins with the things you want to wear, which can come with details from Filly Flair. Everything else happens when you address the issues below:

  1. Know where you want to go. If you are planning on going to Palm Springs for a week and decide to bring your jackets and sweaters, that’s great, but when you consider that you will be there in the summer, you will be in for a huge surprise when confronted with the 120-degree desert heat. Not only that, but you will stick out like a sore thumb.  Knowing something about where you are going will also provide you with cultural information so you can better match what the locals are wearing.

Doing your research into where you will be going is excellent for preventing situations like this, from both a practical and style perspective. Learn the sort of weather you can expect as well as what the local fashion customs are. Admittedly, you can wear whatever you choose in most places, but it’s always a good idea to check into the area to make sure this is the case.

  1. Accessorize! It might have been said in so many different ways, and for so many different reasons, but traveling will take your ability to accessorize to a whole new level. If you are traveling, you need to minimize what you take with you, but that can be accomplished easily by choosing only the most basic pieces and making your ability to stretch them by accessorizing. Depending on where you will be traveling, you can also buy things after getting to your destination. This might a good idea to keep in the back of your mind if, for example, you travel to a destination and find that it is colder or hotter than you had anticipated.

This could also be beneficial if you want to adhere to the local fashion while you are there. In terms of what you bring with you, pick out some key pieces, things around which you can build the rest of your look. Pack these items first, then add whatever you need to complete different outfits. For example, if you decide to take a maxi dress. You could take several different jackets or sweaters to create three or four altogether different looks for the same dress.

The same goes for things like belts, pins, scarves, and much more. Then you can mix and match even more. Accessories can flesh out an outfit. Further, you can pack many accessories since most of them are small and easy to pack. Accessories can look great and are wonderful at breathing new life into an outfit that might be getting a bit stale. Even adding something seemingly insignificant like a hat can completely change the way a whole outfit looks. Not sure? Pack it anyway. You will probably be glad you did later, even if it does mean a little extra that you have to carry in your luggage. If a hat doesn’t fit your style-; not to mention your head-; try to achieve the same effect with a pair of earrings or scarves to get the same result.

  1. Don’t forget to bring something special. This depends primarily on the reason you are traveling, but whatever that reason is, pack something that you take with you just because it makes you feel good and special. Besides, you never know when you might have the opportunity to go someplace and do something really special. This way, you have the perfect something to wear for the occasion.
  2. Prioritize your comfort. Travel should always be an enriching and enjoyable experience. Still, it’s difficult to appreciate where you are if you are uncomfortable, whether it’s because your clothes don’t fit, it’s cold, hot, or any other situation that is just as easily solved by finding out something about where you are going. And don’t forget to apply the same philosophy to your footwear. It doesn’t matter whether you will do most of your traveling on foot, via public transportation, or any other means, many places you have to walk to, so you won’t want your feet hurting because of ill-fitting shoes. Even if they do fit, make sure they are well broken in before you leave to avoid a lot of pain.

Speaking of something special, it might also be a good idea to take a little extra cash to buy something when you get to where you are going. Imagine being able to go to an exotic place and wearing something that you purchased in the area. This will give whatever you are doing a little something extra to enjoy while you are there. This will also provide you with something to remember your trip with. It would sure beat a serape or a set of nesting dolls.

Taking clothes with you when you travel can accomplish a lot of goals. You will have plenty with you to wear when you get somewhere, but if something should happen that shoots your plans down, you can always find a local place for a fashion solution to your situation. Besides, even if you pack perfectly, there’s nothing quite as much fun as finding something fun and interesting wherever you are to wear. Wearing something you bought locally pays homage to where you traveled and gives you a unique look at the same time.

Being fashionable while traveling isn’t difficult. The first thing you need to remember is to plan accordingly. Just like everything else having got do with your trip, it’s all a matter of stepping back and determining what you think you will need and making the most of what you have so you don’t take more than you need or can carry. Your back will be grateful too.


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