Road trips are immensely popular in the USA, with nearly 53% of travelers opting to take one every year. While there is nothing wrong with taking a regular trip to a nice destination, a standard road trip also often entails great discomfort, flaring tempers, and unsurpassed boredom. Sadly, this is often enough reason for someone to pass on what could very well be the adventure of a lifetime. Luckily, any road trip can be turned into an unforgettable luxury escape by making a few tweaks to your plans.

Choose a luxury vehicle

If you want your road trip to be as enjoyable as possible, you need to ensure that you are traveling in comfort. While your regular family sedan might suffice for trips to the mall, you definitely want a more luxury ride for your lavish road trip. Unless you already own a car complete with all the latest amenities, you will have to think about renting or buying a new vehicle. Some of the features you need to look for when choosing a road trip-worthy vehicle include fuel efficiency, legroom, climate control,  leather seats, touch-screen controls and, of course, a killer sound system. Don’t rule out used cars though – either a new or used model can provide the luxury features you’re looking for. If you are road tripping with your family in tow, getting your hands on a state-of-the-art SUV or RV is probably a good idea. If you are undertaking a trip for two, however, go all out and get that 66 Mustang convertible or the stylish McLaren 570S Spider you have always dreamed of.

Book stylish accommodations

It is pointless to invest in a luxury vehicle for your road trip if you are planning to sleep in the nearest motel you can find. Even if you are traveling in the most indulgent of RVs, you can still treat yourself to at least a few nights at an upmarket hotel or lodge. When booking your accommodation, make sure you only deal with reputable agents and steer clear of any deals that simply sound too good to be true. Upmarket chains like the Four Seasons, Sheraton and Hilton are always good choices, although there are countless other upmarket establishments across the country where you can spend the night. If you are after a truly indulgent experience, seek out accommodation that sports amenities such as full room service, a spa bath and walk-in shower, Wi-Fi, and a well-stocked bar fridge and coffee station. If you would like to stay in touch with Mother Nature during your road trip, perhaps consider glamping instead of staying in a hotel.

Leave the tacky snacks at home

Anyone who is embarking on a luxury road trip deserves to indulge in luxury snacks along the way. This means that you will have to leave the cooler box filled with BBQ wings, hard-boiled eggs and beef jerky at home. Instead, opt to put together a mouth-watering range of snacks such as granola bars with candied fruit, chocolate truffles, pâté and crackers and, of course, a selection of bottled water and chilled fruit juice. Apart from avoiding tawdry snacks, there is also no room for fast food restaurants on an opulent road trip. Drive past your regular burger joints, and instead find a local farm-to-table restaurant or upmarket deli where you can get your hands on some scrumptious, swanky food and drinks.

Going on a road trip with family or friends is one of the best ways to spend your vacation. Even if you only use one of these tips, you are bound to turn an ordinary road trip into one that is both lavish and memorable.

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