It was right before noon in the middle of September and we were driving through the epicenter of West Hollywood. The streets outside of SUR Restaurant and Lounge were filled with people coming in and out of the high-end retail shops. Luxury cars lined the streets. We arrived at the restaurant and it was filled with some of Los Angeles’ most fashionable, many dressed boho-chic.

SUR Restaurant and Lounge looked like it was built to have a personality that would succeed in the movie industry. We made our way to the back outside garden seating. I looked up and could see the blue sky and a large green tree that provided shade from the sun. We sat on plush soft pink and purple cushions that lay on top of the wooden benches. There were green plants and mini palm trees that lined the walls. Large grey stone Buddhist statues were placed around the perimeter.

The food and drinks were just as colorful as the scenery. The menu provided several health drinks which consisted of many different fruits meant to relax you and cleanse you. I took a sip of what the menu called Pink Detox Water. I was surprised that it reminded me like a tea rather than a juice. The flavor was very subtle and the best way that I could describe it would be that I swallowed a liquid form of a healthy citrus flower mixed with a cold waterfall from a Southeast Asian jungle. It was a perfect complement to the warm body temperature California sun that shines down on us. Another drink on the menu was an aromatherapy drink called the Organic Lavender Lemonade, which is a stress relief lemonade mixed with organic honey.

Guillermo Zapata, one of the owners of the restaurant occasionally came out to check on the guests. He smiled and asked the patrons how the food was and went around to speak friendly banter with his staff.

“SUR is owned by two couples, a team of four friends who enjoy taking care of the restaurant from day to day. Guillermo Zapata, Argentinean manager of some of the finest restaurants of Los Angeles, ran SUR for 10 years. The handsome, friendly owner met Nathalie, his French wife, in the restaurant in 2001. She left her Parisian life behind to help her husband continue Sur’s success. In 2005, Guillermo and Nathalie joined forces with Lisa Vanderpump Todd and Ken Todd, a British couple who own 10 restaurants and bars in London, all designed by Lisa. This combination of international expertise has led to a restaurant that is on the cutting edge of style and cuisine, a fresh take on exquisite South-European dining.”

Lisa Vanderpump is better known for her appearances on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Using her knowledge and experience in reality tv, she created and also appears in a reality tv show about the Sur Restaurant and Lounge called Vanderpump Rules which airs on Bravo. The show has aired for the last seven years and depicts the day to day experience of her and the restaurant staff as they run the restaurant and participate in the glamorous and crazy Beverly Hills lifestyle.

One of the many items that caught my eye off the menu was the bleu cheese hamburger. When the plate arrived in front of me it looked like it belonged in the colorful garden environment. The hamburger was dressed with reds and yellows from the dell peppers. The bite that I took was unbelievably smooth and meltingly soft. The hot juicy meat mixed well with the savory cheese and sauce and was sandwiched by a light and fluffy baked bun. A great way to savor the last month of summer.

We wrapped up our meal with a seductive chocolate cake. The harder cool and dense chocolate filling layered in harmony with the fluffy and warm brown cake. It was a very substantial dessert and was a wonderful way to end the meal.

Overall, the brunch was very wonderful and relaxing. The outside seating area was comfortable and full of good energy. The food and drinks are designed to complement the outside garden seating and make you feel like your body is gaining energy and being replenished and cleansed, rather than being drained like a lot of other restaurants make you feel after walking out. After saying goodbye and departing, we felt phenomenal and ready to explore more of LA.

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