With 2020 looming, fashion trends are continually making the rounds. New styles are not much more than reinterpretations of the past; that’s because fashion has a narrative; it has a story to tell. So going into 2020, let’s look into the upcoming fashion trends and modern takes on more classic pieces that will be sure to improve anybody’s style for the year ahead.

1.) Fleece

Fleece has been one of those classic materials that are reinventing itself. In 2020, you’ll be seeing more men rocking the fleece, and the best way to keep this style fresh and updated is by layering it with a hoodie. Preferably something a little color to make the outfit emerge.

2.) Sock Tuck

The sock tuck is a great way to keep your bottoms looking clean and tapered. This is a trend you may have seen Shia LaBeouf or Kanye West do a lot recently, and it is definitely a fashion trend that is catching fire. You might want to try some plantar socks.

3.) Deep Colored Schemes

The goal of this fashion style is to mix and match colors of your outfits, but going with it’s more deeper shades. We suggest having a couple of different colored outfits as random color pops for your style. While most people think you can only rock neutrals with other neutrals, try throwing in on a bright-colored piece that throws the whole outfit off, in a good way.

4.) Watch + Bead Combo

The watch and bead bracelet combo is another fashion trend that won’t go away for a long time and will also roll over in 2020. You don’t have to rock expensive watches. Find affordable watches with quality that can go well with different colored bead bracelets.

5.) Half-Zip Hoodie

One of the pieces that gained a lot of traction last 2019 was the Half-Zip Hoodies, and they’re really not going to fade anytime soon. Invest in these if you’re the type of guy who loves to layer hoodies in your outfits. Half-Zip Hoodies compliments almost any kind of casual clothing.

6.) Corduroy

Corduroys are back stronger than ever believe it or not. This is a fabric most men didn’t fully appreciate until recently. It’s one of those more vintage fabrics that will give your outfit more depth and monumental style.

7.) Vintage Outfits

In recent years, people are realizing the significance of vintage clothing and purchasing used outfits from thrift stores. However, if you don’t want to go this route, you can always select pieces that give off that vintage look, even though it’s brand new.

8.) Jersey Shorts

On a lighter note, over-the-knee jersey shorts made a huge impact this last summer in 2019 and will definitely roll on over in 2020 as well. Jersey shorts are perfect for those who want to compromise fashion and comfort.

9.) Overalls

Overalls were really the thing in the ’90s. But as we know, the 90’s fashion is starting to slay modern pop culture, so it’s not a bad idea to throw in a couple of overalls into your wardrobe. Overalls are actually a fresh look, especially when layered with other essential pieces.

10.) Cuban-Collared Shirts

If you’re more into classic gentlemen like pieces, Cuban-collared shirts are a great switch-up to go with and will definitely impress, especially on date nights and casual parties. These shirts are also incredibly comfortable and breathable as well.

11.) Body Bags

Body bags that come across your chest and wrap around the back are taking over as well in 2020. Rather than walking with a big fat wallet bulging at the back of your jeans, you can just put all of these things into your man-purse. Most guys are a little skeptical of this, but once you try it, you’ll quickly realize why women love purses so much.

12.) Striped Shirts

Another great date night selection that’s undeniably stylish and will make you look more sophisticated yet full of swagger. Striped shirts also make you look taller, giving you that psychological height boost. Striped shirts are beginning to get traction going into 2020 and is a fashion trend you should definitely follow.

13.) Vintage Sneakers and Sports Socks

Unlike clothing, it’s really not advisable to buy vintage sneakers because it’s kind of gross. However, purchasing vintage sneakers that are, of course, new, is the way to go. Most brands right now are re-releasing their classics at affordable prices, so you should definitely jump on this.

Sports socks are a great addition to your wardrobe as well. Having some sort of design or pattern that’s very subtle can be very effective combinations to your outfits. Pairing these with sneakers will look cool and trendy.

14.) Quality Biker Jackets

Biker jackets are timeless pieces, and if you’re going to go get one, don’t go cheap. Find something with quality, something that will last you decades to come. Also, go for dark colors, preferably black, as it will blend well with almost any color scheme.


The fashion trend in 2020 is all about a combination of vintage and modern pieces form into an entirely new, yet nostalgic feel. Keeping up with new trends yet still able to throw in classics will be the gist of most outfits combinations going into the year.









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