You have heard of them countless times: Menorca, Mallorca, Formentera, Cabrera and Ibiza. These five islands form the archipelago of the Balearic Islands, a Spanish autonomous community with its capital in Palma and known for being a powerful tourist destination, especially in summer. Yes, you know them, but the one that really interests you is the last one; Well, you and thousands of people every year. Ibiza is a favorite for those who want to enjoy some holidays surrounded by sea and beach, and you are one of them.

But it is your first time, you have never been to this island and the date to make a visit is closer every day. So you begin to wonder what is Ibiza able to offer both you and whoever you go with. For this reason, you need to know a number of aspects of interest to keep in mind so that your first stay in this place is worth remembering and you have more than enough reason to return a second, a third and as many times as necessary.

Yes, Ibiza is full of charm, especially for party tourism. Its inhabitants are almost as hospitable as the Mediterranean that bathes the region, and its nights are even longer than the sea. You can enjoy both of these and their days, get lost in its beaches and dance in the best nightclubs in the whole country; but for that you have to organize and go prepared in advance, and that’s what we’re here for. We will solve your most basic doubts and bring you enough information to go well prepared.

Where is the airport?

You will probably decide to go by plane, and the fundamental thing is to know the location of the Ibiza Airport. It’s simple. It’s about 10 kilometers from the city of Ibiza, and about 20 kilometers from San Antonio, another key town on the island. The options for traveling to the city are either the taxi (with a price around 25 euros), or the bus (which costs 15 euros). One can leave you at the exact destination and another relatively close, it all depends on the desire and patience you have.

How to get around Ibiza?

Here is a good confrontation of opinions, but our advice is to rent a car. The traffic is not high, the roads are in good condition and it is the best option to not have to be at the expense of schedules, in addition to the versatility they offer to visit any point of the island. If you dare, car rental in Ibiza is a good option: cheap prices, varied models and flexible terms.

Where do I stay?

This is the mistake for which the vast majority of people who visit this island for the first time fall. You should look for an area according to the type of vacation you are looking for. It is not the same to find an accommodation if you are looking to enjoy the beaches than if you want to go from party to party and leave the mornings to sleep, although both options can go hand in hand. If you want tranquility, it is best to get away from Playa d’en Bossa and the surroundings of San Antonio. They are the cheapest areas and have the best clubs nearby, which implies a greater influx of young people wanting to party, and a lot of noise.

Clubs are not the only thing

Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, Space, Eden … You may not know Ibiza, but those names surely sound like something to you. These are the largest and most famous nightclubs on the island (and in Spain), with theme parties practically every day of the summer, orchestrated and prepared to satisfy the tastes of audiences of all kinds. They are the main attraction, but they do not outshine other alternatives such as the increasingly popular boat parties, with music, drinks and young people wanting to have fun; or the beach clubs where to have drinks and enjoy the sound of the sea.

And the beaches?

Do not try to visit all the beaches and coves of Ibiza, we anticipate they are too many and that it is almost impossible to have enough time to enjoy them on your first visit. The fundamental ones are Cala Salada, Cala Conta or Cala Vadella; but there are many, all with their own charms and bathed in totally crystalline waters. Focus on enjoying some but you cannot return from the island without having hit a good dip in any of these three.

These are the ingredients to make your first visit to Ibiza almost perfect. To make it perfect, we finish off by telling you to look into the villages far from the coast to enjoy a good and cheap meal; as well to have fun and enjoy both the climate and the places and the people you meet.

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