If properly mastered, eyelash extensions can make one of the most dramatic effects to your look and once applied, they even remove the effort of eye makeup every morning! Pre made fan lashes take this look one step further and we are going to talk about how they are the latest must-have to any eyelash lover.


What Are Pre Made Fan Lashes?

Pre made fan lashes are like your typical eyelash extension but with a twist. Instead of those tiny individual lash extensions, pre made fan lashes are small clusters of lashes, grouped together to create a ‘fan’.


They are still not as natural and delicate as individual eyelash extensions but create extra volume and an incredible curl, perfect for that dramatic evening look. They are ready to be dipped in adhesive and applied straight onto a client’s lashes.


These should never be applied by an amateur or at home, if you are considering pre made fan lashes, check the credentials of the artist. All reputable artists will have undertaken an eyelash extension training course that includes how to properly apply pre made fan lashes. 


Pros of Pre Made Fans

The most noticeable pro of pre made fan lashes is the application time. Artists no longer have to spend large portions of their appointments making fans by hand.


Not only does this mean clients are happy with reduced treatment times, while still having fabulous results, but artists can utilise this to maximise revenue as well.


The shorter appointments are, the more clients can be fit into one working day, meaning more money in the til!


It takes a while to qualify as a lash artist and with every passing week in training, that’s another week an artist isn’t earning. However, as pre made fans eliminate that tricky step of making fans from scratch, it means that trainee artists can start taking appointments before they have honed all their skills.


Cons of Pre Made Fans

They come as they are and it means artists don’t have as much room to be creative with them. An artist is restricted to what stock they have in their salon and if a client with very particular needs comes in, artists are restricted and may not be able to provide the best results.


As the base of pre made fans are already bonded, this makes it a lot harder to wrap around a client’s natural lash, without the correct care, attention and experience, this could lead to early dropouts and unhappy customers who may not return.


Pre made fans are also more expensive than individual lash extensions. Many artists don’t want to put their prices up as this can discourage clients, but they still need to make as much profit as possible. However, the fact that more clients can be fit into the day should balance this out.


The Safety of Pre Made Fans

Pre made fans are perfectly safe, as long as the person applying them knows what they are doing. With the right training and appropriate tools, there should be no damage or risk to the client and their lashes.


Some members of the public have reported problems with pre made fans, but this is down to inadequate application. The most common errors that artists make are glueing pre made fans too close to the skin using too much glue, not properly isolating lashes or just not taking proper care when applying them.


There is also little flexibility with pre made fans, they can’t adapt to the different textures of natural lashes in the same way individual lashes can-there is little more to customise a look.


Choosing the right pre made fans is a difficult task, so many on the market have a very thick base to accommodate the bonding. A thick base means more weight which can lead to early dropouts. 


Everyone’s lashes are different in thickness, length and weight, a good lash artist should know this and will tailor the treatment to suit each client.


Why Should You Choose Pre Made Fans?

The most obvious reason is the time element, everyone is busy nowadays and artists want to fit as many clients in as possible. Similarly, clients don’t want to have to spend upwards of 3 hours getting their lashes done.


By providing clients with the option of pre made fans, artists can quickly grow their business. As word of mouth spreads that you can receive amazing service, in a fraction of the time, new clients will come flooding in.


Some lash artists have to spend their evenings or even weekends meticulously making pre made fans to try and reduce client appointment times, only to find that no matter how many styles they have created, they don’t have the right one for some clients, a waste of time!


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