A mention of Italy brings the thought of luxury and opulence in mind. The “Made in Italy” mark is indicated in products that are designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy. The products are of superior quality and this is what Italy is known for. This slogan is one of the most powerful phrases in the global market.

This trademark goes hand in hand with Italy’s long tradition of craftsmanship that was founded centuries ago and passed from generation to generation. Italian products are highly-coveted all over the world. The next time you go shopping around for fashionable and stylish products, think “made in Italy.” Some of Italy’s master products are highlighted as below;



Italian furniture brings out an emphasis of fine quality and remarkable craftsmanship. Be it in beds, wardrobes, sofas, chairs, tables and home décor, the Italian kind does not disappoint. One such furniture brand is Milano Luxury & Italian Modern Furniture located in Milan. The brand makes an exceptional selection of Italian furniture. How do you explain a sofa that turns into a bed, a bed that turns into a table and table that turns into a console? The furniture gives a home exceptional luxury with emphasis to minute details. 



Italy is synonymous with anything fashion, be it clothing, shoes, bags or cars. Major Cities such as Palermo, Venice, Milan, Naples, Florence and Vicenza have been known to produce luxury goods. These cities are scattered with large footwear factories and numerous small workshops with well-versed artisans. Flori is a small town located at the southern part of Italy and is home to a famous fashion sneaker brand called P448. P448 is a brand handcrafted, produced and packaged in Italy. P448 is always up to date on new designs, trendy colors and is hugely famous for the comfort of its shoes. 



Italy is known around the world as the place to go for beautiful, luxurious jewelry of all kinds. Italian gold jewelry is particularly liked for its distinct color and quality. If you are not sure if a gold product is real or fake gold, choose Italian. There is only a slim chance of going wrong. There are several cities that are known for producing the world’s finest jewelry and they are Milan, Vicenza, Arrezzo, Valenza, and Torre del Greco. In Italy, anyone who wants to make jewelry must first apprentice with a master goldsmith. These master pass down their trade secrets and craftsmanship from generation to generation.



Mario Talarico is Italy’s established umbrella- maker master. He was born into a large family surrounded by umbrellas. Eighty-seven years later, umbrellas are still his major source for livelihood.  He works alongside his nephew in their bustling workshop, tucked away on a small alley in Naples, Italy. Each umbrella is crafted solely by hand. The materials are carefully selected and the whole process of making an umbrella takes around five months. The best way to buy a Talarico umbrella is to visit in person as the number of customers is more than the umbrellas.


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