From teaming up with actor Matthew McConaughey to offering members exclusive benefits such as complimentary car washes and culinary treats, Lincoln has been putting a lot of effort into becoming relevant for a younger audience. Destination Luxury had an exclusive chat about the all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental with Kumar Galhotra, president of Lincoln, who has been driving modernization and actualization for this iconic brand.

According to Galhotra, the reinvention of Lincoln’s brand in the U.S. has been the company’s top priority. A proud American brand, their goal is to achieve excellence through providing not only amazing machines but also unparalleled customer experience.

lincoln continental

Image Courtesy of Lincoln.

The new 2017 Continental is definitely a step toward revitalizing the brand. A meticulous mix of tradition and modernity, it comes with everything that made Lincoln what it is: comfortable interior, high-end materials, and lots of power; as well as everything to make it even greater: including state-of-the-art technology and even a panoramic sunroof.

Galhotra defines the car in two words: grace and elegance. That’s easily visible in features such as the high-end E-Latch doors, which use advanced technology to integrate the door handle into the beltline seamlessly, making the Continental’s silhouette even more sophisticated. Another design detail that stands out is the one-piece grille, that’s both modern and sophisticated.

lincoln continental

Image Courtesy of Lincoln.

On the inside, the car does not disappoint. The Perfect Position seat, inspired by private jets and high-end furniture, allows both driver and passenger to adjust the seat up to 30 different ways. It adjusts to each person individually, providing unparalleled comfort.

The Continental also offers an outstanding sound system. Featuring Revel® Ultima, HARMAN’s most high-end loudspeaker brand, the car’s 19 speakers let you create your own personal amphitheater.

Another special touch is the fact that the car “comes to life” with the Approach Detection Technology. The lincoln Continental provides its owner an inviting welcome as it softly illuminates both the exterior and interior — not only providing more safety but more comfortable as well.

Of course, it also comes with tons of power. The 3.0L twin-turbocharged V6 engine is meant to perform; it produces up to 400 horsepower that helps make the ride incredibly smooth.

Customers can also become Lincoln Black Label members. That means they not only are able to choose from three exclusive designer themes for each model, they also have a number of perks. One of them is complimentary care so they can get their cars carefully washed anytime. Another is the complimentary rentals at specific locations, making trips even more comfortable.

To say this car is refreshing is an understatement. And with the help of A-list actor Matthew McConaughey, this might be the model that connects Lincoln to a whole new generation.

The 2017 Lincoln Continental starts from $44,720. Visit Lincoln’s website for more details on price and dealer locations.

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