Most people want to experience a luxurious lifestyle. Some people have the wealth that allows them to live a luxurious lifestyle all of the time. However, for many others that dream of experiencing a luxurious lifestyle, it can be done in a different way. Marketing expert turned rapper Lil Dicky accomplished this when shooting his viral video ‘$ave Dat Money’.

You don’t have to be a rapper or celebrity to enjoy a luxurious champagne lifestyle. Here are some ways you can enjoy luxurious experiences.

Get on the guest list and get into the VIP section of restaurants, clubs and bars.

Be amongst the who’s who on the night scene by getting a VIP status to the hottest places. You can easily make an advanced booking or purchase a table or booth for the evening. Check out rooftop bars, revolving restaurants and the best clubs along popular night strips where you might even bump into a celebrity or two.

Purchase a yacht or catamaran.

A sign of wealth is to sail the seas on your own private yacht or catamaran. Yachts usually come with a high price tag, however you might be able to pick up some affordable deals by checking out the catamarans on sale on Multihull Solutions’ website. Even if you don’t want to go down the route of purchasing a yacht or catamaran outright, you can consider a charter investment with other owners. Better yet, invite friends and family to split the cost with you to make it more affordable.

Drive a sports car.

To add to the luxurious experience, you need to drive a supercar. Many of these cars can be purchased at a reasonable price if you are prepared to buy them second hand after a few years. For example, some Ferraris that are 10 years old can be purchased for less than $200,000. Alternatively, you can hire or lease the car for the day from around $1000 a day.

Holiday in epic resorts.

One of the most simple ways to experience luxury is by booking yourself into a luxury resort. There are many different levels of luxury that you can experience. Secrets Resorts offers this experience with their all-inclusive services of food, champagne, drinks, spas, entertainment and exotic locations. Fancy enjoying a Pina Colada by the beach? Or would you rather lounge in the pool bar underneath the Caribbean sunshine? No problem. Whatever experience you want, these guys are likely to provide it. They also offer experiences for couples, singles and families.

Experience life in a mansion.

There are some wealthy owners that are renting out their mansions on sites like AirBnB or they are actively looking for house sitters, where you can technically stay in their mansion for free. Many of these housesit jobs require the person to look after and maintain the property and any pets that the owners may have. The duration of the stay may vary from a few days to a few months. Either way, it is a great deal for someone that wants to experience life in a luxurious mansion.

Rub shoulders with people at luxury events.

There are several luxury events such as dinner parties and art exhibitions. Tickets may be higher than usual, however you will have the chance to meet people and make acquaintances that may see you get invites to other functions.

These are a few ways to experience a luxurious lifestyle that will allow you to ‘Save that money’ like Lil Dicky. Be savvy, spend your money in the right areas and enjoy the luxurious experience.

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