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Denmark continuously leads the world in luxury accomplishments. The country is recognized as having “The Happiest People in the World,” the most Michelin rated restaurants (and the best restaurant in the world, Noma). So it comes as no surprise they also have one of the finest luxury hotels in the world, Hotel D’Angleterre (link), a timeless classic which began close to three centuries ago.


According to the hotel press office, Hotel D’Angleterre has an amazing history.

In a city made famous by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, not every fairy tale is fictional. It was in 1755 – 260 years ago – that Jean Marchal, a young French servant in the royal Danish Court, fell in love with Marie Coppy, daughter of the chef of the royal palace in Copenhagen. Not only did Jean and Marie share a consuming passion for each other, they also shared a passion for the culinary arts and a desire to present them with perfection to His Majesty King Frederik V of Denmark and his family.

Eventually, the young couple established a restaurant where they could serve the aristocracy, and thus the legend of the d’Angleterre was born. As with all fairy tales, Jean and Marie lived happily ever after…and their ethos has lived on for more than two-and-a-half centuries. Today, every single person associated with the ownership and daily work of the d’Angleterre affectionately and conscientiously continues Jean and Marie’s legacy and the passion for service and hospitality that began in 1755.

During the 2015 Jubilee Year, Hotel D’Angleterre will celebrate 260 years of serving the world’s elite with a variety of events and festivities. And to complete the circle of the fairy tale, the monarch who brought Jean Marchal and Marie Coppy together in 1755 will be represented at a Gala Ball in April by his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson, HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.”


While the charm, glory and sophistication holds strong from that of the 18th century, Hotel D’Angleterre went through a three year renovation, completed in May 2013, with 90 rooms including 60 suites ready to welcome business and luxury travelers from across the globe. Updated with a modern and contemporary feel, with huge floor to ceiling glass panels which brings space, light and transparency into the building. The antiques and art remain from the old life of the hotel, with old brass wall pendants with new silver coating to match the color scheme of the hotel corridors.

Located centrally in the heart of Downtown Copenhagen, Hotel D’Angleterre stands radiantly next to the Royal Danish Theatre on the Kongens Nytorv Square, connected to the famous pedestrian shopping street Strøget. From the handsome, friendly doormen who charmingly welcome you in, to the elegant staff at the front desk. It’s hard to leave once you step into this paradise.

90 Rooms


To maintain the spirit of being a Danish Hotel, all rooms and suites have Danish art on display to keep the Danish heritage as art is an integral part of their expression. The rooms offer a relaxing spirit with lavender interior designs and fresh flowers, with controlled climate systems and Denmark’s state-of-the-art-defining Bang & Olufsen screens, remotes and sound systems. The stunning 250 square-meter Royal Suite features a grand balcony overlooking Kongens Nytorv Square and The Royal Theater and has a dining room for 10 guests with a spectacular fireplace.


Royal Suite Dining Room


Breakfast with a View


Balcony Royal Suite


Spa, Fitness Center and Swimming Pool


During a relaxing afternoon, book a wellness day in the tranquil environment of the Amazing Space Spa with signature treatments including massages, facials and baths. Enjoy a swim in their 2000 square-foot tile-and-marble indoor swimming pool, hands down the most glamorous pool in the Danish Capital. Designed to provide peace for the body, mind and soul with a lounge for relaxation and revitalization.


Michelin Star Dining and Champagne Bar

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After spoiling yourself in the spa, put on your classic red dress or stylish suit and glide over to Balthazar, the high-energy Champagne Bar for the finest selection of more than 160 bubbly, tapas-style cuisine, caviar service and live DJ’s on weekends, while mingling with locals and luxury travelers.

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1200px_COLOURBOX16104458 Hotel D'Angleterre

Hotel D’Angleterre

Copenhagen hosts 16 Michelin rated restaurants with a total of 20 stars, the highest in the world. It’s no surprise that the hotel has their very own Michelin rated restaurant, Marchal, behind Chef Ronny Emborg’s mastermind. The restaurant features a walk-in wine room, open display kitchen and cocktail bar which spills outside where the sidewalk dining is ‘Danish Style’, sun-bathed in the summer, and warmed by heaters and cashmere blankets in the winter.

Hotel D'Angleterre

Hotel D’Angleterre


A Timeless Elegance

Hotel D'Angleterre

Hotel D’Angleterre

Hotel D'Angleterre

 Feature written by contributing writer, Jacki Ueng.

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