Growing up, life was always all about the toys, and these days, there are not only an abundant amount to choose from, there’s also a wider price range. Below, find a smattering of the best of the best for your child, or maybe even, yourself.



This Ferrari go-kart for kids is no joke. It has air-pressured tires that provide superior traction and durability as well as freewheel pedals that allow the go-cart to coast without pedaling. This is the top of the line when it comes to kids pedaling machines. You can view it here.

22. TMNT SCRATCH THE CAT – $1,000.Scratch

This is one of the last toys made in the original line of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Scratch the Cat wasn’t even very prevalent in the series but because there were so few of this toy produced that it became the rarest of ninja turtle collectibles. You can view the toy here.


This specific version of the Etch-A-Sketch, a classic drawing toy, is completely covered in Swarovski crystals. There are only 12 of the red limited edition models that were released for the holidays. See more here.

20. RIDE-ON GIRAFFE – $1,680.giraffe

A standing ride-on giraffe for kids who have always wanted to sit on one. It can support up to 150 lbs. and was created originally for European collectors, as it is handcrafted. It comes with a tag that describes its habitat, lifestyle, and other information about giraffes in nature. You can view the toy here.


Peanut The Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby

The Beanie Baby fad may be over, but there are still many valuable collectibles. Peanut the Elephant, the royal blue version, is one of these. The value of this toy has remained high at around $3,000, even considering that the demand has died down.


This Boba Fett action figure is extremely rare due to the fact that when it was released in 1980, it was soon recalled. Parents were afraid that it would hurt their children because of the plastic rocket that fired out of the toy. The company re-released the toy without a projectile, making the original very sought after. View more here.



The ultimate Millenium Falcon constructed from Legos. Pretty much anyone that has ever seen Star Wars knows that the Millenium Falcon is the main ship that carries Luke Skywalker and the light side to victory. This toy comes with mini figures of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa. You can view it here.

16. 1978 TELESCOPIC LIGHTSABER DARTH VADER – $6,000.dt-vader-carded

The first set of these Star Wars figures were discontinued because the light saber extended and this was found to be an undesirable trait. There were only a few hundred of this version of Darth Vader actually manufactured. View more about it here.

15. 1961 MAGIRUS DEUTZ CRANE “MATCHBOX NO. 30” – $13,000.

This specific variation of the No. 30 truck, has a light brown body and a red crane and was discontinued in 1965. It is extremely rare, so much so that we had to use a picture that isn’t even in the colors of the most valuable version. The last of these on record that was sold went for $13,000 to a collector around 2004. See more about it here.

14. BABE RUTH FIGURE – $13,600.Babe Ruth Figure by McFarlane

This Babe Ruth figure was made by McFarlane, but this specific one involves the Babe wearing a blue hat. Only five of them were produced with a blue hat, only three are in circulation. View more here.

13. HOVER SCOOTER BY HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER – $14,999.95.airboard-levitating-hover-scooter-3

A hover scooter that actually rises up inches about the ground and uses a cushion of air to move the rider. It is powered by a four-stroke internal combustion engine that runs on unleaded gasoline.


Can’t take off the time to take your kid to a basketball game? Forget about those worries now with this life-size LEGO basketball player. You can get a life-sized LEGO figure of any basketball star for your kid to hang out with. See more here.

11. G.I. JOE MANIMALS VORTEX FIGURE – $20,000.G.I. JOE Manimals Vortex

One of the least favorite lines of G.I. Joe action figures, they were discontinued in 1995. There were still many fully manufactured prototype versions for stores to advertise. These figures are obviously extremely rare and can fetch up to $20,000. View more here.

10. NINTENDO STADIUM EVENTS – $22,800.Nintendo Stadium Events

The Family Fun Fitness mat was a product that didn’t last very long and was produced by Bandai. When Nintendo bought out Bandai, they completely got rid of this game. This made it one of the rares video games ever made. View more about it here.

9. 18K GOLD GAME BOY – $25,000.24k gameboy

The most expensive Game Boy made to date. Its display screen is lined with diamonds. You can purchase the handheld through Swiss Supply but it is created at Asprey’s of London. You can view their site here.

8. JUNIOR OFF-ROADER – $30,000.

Ths is an actual gas-powered vehicle that is kid sized, allowing them to have their first ever driving experience. It can handle tough terrain with a three-gear drive, fiberglass body and upholstered seats. If you’re feeling like an overachiever you can buy a mini-caravan with it for $20,000 more that has a table, lockers, working sink, wardrobe and curtains. See more here.

7. 1969 VOLKSWAGEN BEACH BOMB – $72,000.1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb

This specific Hot Wheels car was discontinued because it wouldn’t work on the Mattel-made race tracks. The odd design of the toys, having a surfboard hanging from the back, makes it especially desirable for collectors. You can see more here.

6. DARTH VADER WAR HELMET – $115,000.real darth vader

The actual Darth Vader war helmet that was worn on the Empire Strikes Back episodes of Star Wars. The helmet fits Bob Anderson who is the original stunt double for Darth Vader. This isn’t just a toy, it’s a movie prop as well. You can see the helmet here.

5. HMS TERRIBLE TOY BATTLESHIP – $122,600.Toy-Battleship-HMS-Terrble

This rare steam-propelled tin plate toy battleship has fetched a whopping $122,600 at auction. It was sold to an undisclosed collector in the UK. This HMS Terrible was made by the German toys maker, Marklin in 1905. This battleship ended up being the most expensive toy sold in the UK. You can view more here.

4. HOT WHEELS 40TH ANNIVERSARY DIAMOND-ENCRUSTED CAR – $140,000.diamond encrusted hotwheels

A Hot Wheels car that most would be happy to own even if they have no interest in toy cars. This one is cast in 18K white gold and covered with over 2,700 jewels. Hand-detailed, the jewels were set into 2,700 microscopic holes in the cars body. View it here.

3. STEIFF TEDDY BEAR – $193,000.steiff-bling-bear -- expensive toys

A teddy bear with fur made from real gold and eyes of sapphires and diamonds. The company that made this bear, Steiff, is one of the first teddy bear makers in the world. Only 125 of these bears are in existence. View more here.

2. G.I. JOE TOYS SOLDIER PROTOTYPE – $200,000.GI JOE -- expensive toys

This was created by a man named Don Levine in 1963. In 2003 the owner of the toy sold it for $200,000 during an auction by Heritage Comics Auctions in Dallas, Texas. The figure is 11.5 inches tall and has 21 moving parts. See more about it here.

1. DIAMOND CHOKER BARBIE – $302,000.chokerbarbie -- expensive toys

This Barbie was sold to benefit breast cancer research. Created by Australian jewelry designer Stefano Canturi, she has a black strapless evening dress and a choker with a 1K square pink diamond. The most expensive Barbie ever sold, she went for $302,000. You can see her here.

What are some of your favorite collectible/expensive toys? Let us know in the comments below.