Nothing shows your level of fitness than your six-pack abs. Destination Luxury has compiled a collection of images of male celebrities showing off their iron clad stomachs just to inspire you to work out. Since their job is to look good in front of the camera, they have no option but to eat right, workout and uphold their perfect bodies.

Who is your favorite fit celebrity and why? Do you recognize any of these beaches where they have been spotted? Ā Here are the 21Ā fittest celebrities revealed:

30 year oldĀ Bachelor Australia star Tim Robards keeps his well defined body by doing squats, leg-raises and pull-ups. The Men’s Health Covermodel Ā is an avid fitness enthusiast.

Tim is also a chiropractor and underwear model.


6’3” Liam Hemsworth keeps his beach body by surfing. The Aussie star has such an amazing six-pack.

Another avid surfer is Liev Schrieber who stands 6’3. He is pictures walking after surfing in Malibu.

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Zac Efron might not be as tall as the other guys standing at only 5’8 but he keeps his beach body by working out at the gym. He has been spotted at 24 Hour Fitness in Sherman Oaks many times.


6’10” Clippers star Blake Griffin loved to climb trees as a kid. I guess that prepared him for his basketball career.

Saved by the Bell Superstar Mario Lopez attributes his six pack to eating healthy and working out religiously. He loves doing ab circuit training.

Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs didn’t always look this good. Ā The Louis Vuitton Creative Director loves to lift weights at the gym.


Jake Gyllenthal attributes his physique to a grueling boxing workout at the gym.

6’3Ā Chris Hemsworth gained 20 to play the god Thor.


Lance Bass does touchdown dance training to keep up his washboard abs.

54 year old Sean Penn regularly runs to keep his physique.


Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey loves running and pushups.

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Bravo hostĀ Andy Cohen shows off his buff biceps and washboard abs.

6’5”Ā JoeĀ Manganiello does intense weight training to keep his body up.


Jesse Metcalfe stands 5’11 and 180 pounds. This fit star loves to lift weights.

Jeremy Piven regularly does pushups to keep up his well-defined chest and shoulders.

Dwayne Johnson stands 6’5 and 250 pounds. He went on a 18 week diet to prepare for his role of Hercules.

Hugh Jackman may be 44 years old but he looks even better than he did when he first came on the scene as Wolverine when he was 31 years old.


Cristiano Ronaldo was born with good looks and such an amazing talent. As soccer’s highest paid star, he is pictured below with long time girlfriend Irina Shayk.


Mark Wahlberg can still model for Calvin Klein with his buff body.


Did you know that Matt Lauer was so ripped? The 57 year old broadcaster has never looked better.

Who is your favorite celebrity? Did we leave anybody out from the list? Leave a comment below.

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