A luxury home is simply incomplete without a beautiful library. It’s one of the most classic and elegant rooms, and one that will never go out of style. There is something about the dark, earthy tones, the smell of leather bound books and the sight of rows upon rows of beautiful and intriguing books. A library provides its owner with a luxurious sanctuary in which to get lost in a page-turner or simply relax and escape from the trials and tribulations of life.

 Whether you have an entire room to convert into a library or a small corner of your home, here is how to get the must-have aspect of any luxury home.


The books

You’ll need the right quantity to fill the space and a good variety to create rows of interesting and beautiful spines. However, don’t just buy books for the sake of it. Buy them because they are of interest to you.


Libraries are usually made up of a diverse collection of books gathered over time. If your current collection is sparse or samey, head to your local antique and rare book store or thrift shop as that’s where the real treasures will be hiding.




The shelves

The books may be the essence of the library, but the bookshelves are the backbone of the room. When it comes to choosing the shelves the rule is the bigger, the better. If you have plenty of wall space to play with try to get units that reach from ceiling to floor. This will create that towering elegance that is typical of a luxury library. The addition of a ladder will look extra glamorous.


However, shelves can be built into any space. They can quite easily go up, over and around a number of obstacles. If you are working with an awkward space, you may wish to get bespoke shelves designed and installed.



The furniture

The furniture in your library should look luxurious and ultra comfortable for curling up with a good read. For the traditional look, dark material or leather armchairs and sofas would look fitting. If you like this idea, you may wish to have a look at MultiYork’s sofas. Your focus should be on quality not quantity when you are choosing furniture for your library. One or two beautiful key pieces will look superior to lots of poor quality items.



The furnishings

Luxury libraries feature decorative items that are quite gothic in appearance. Smooth and luxurious materials in warm, rich colours can be used to dress your furniture. The lighting should be elegant and soft. A fitting in gold or brass would look perfect. Hurricane lamps holding pillar candles placed around the room would heighten the mystery and elegance of your library.


A library is a very worthwhile addition to any home. Not only do they provide a luxurious look, but they also create a beautiful space in which you can relax and escape the world. What are you waiting for? Start creating your own luxurious library today.




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