Driving a luxury car doesn’t have to mean splashing out a small fortune on a car. There are plenty of cars that offer luxury to drivers while also not breaking the bank. Here are the best cars that offer a luxury to buyers on a budget.


Volkswagen Touareg


With the Touareg, Volkswagen were clearly trying to steal the thunder of the Ranger Rover Sport. It’s a car that manages to be classy and elegant while also possessing genuine off-road capabilities. This is something that the Range Rover Sport has always done so well. Unfortunately, the Touareg is still seen as second-best, but for the money you save, it might be the better car for drivers. You save a lot of money compared to buying a Range Rover Sport, and you also get the same high-quality, luxurious finish.


Audi A8


Cars that offer understated luxury to drivers often fly under the radar a little. This is certainly true of the Audi A8. Not many people think of it as a top luxury car model. But it is actually one of the finest cars on the market, and the luxury it offers is pretty staggering. It certainly isn’t flashy, and that might be why you can find second-hand models for low prices from dealers. But who needs flashiness when you have smooth powertrains, top technology and an incredible amount of legroom?



Mini Cooper


For people looking for a small car that offers plenty of luxury, the Mini Cooper is the car that stands out. Since the car was remodelled and relaunched, it’s been a car that oozes class and luxury. That’s not something you could really say about the classic Mini, but this one is so much different. The drive is sporty and smooth. While the interiors are nicely-designed and have a great leather finish. All in all, it’s a great small luxury car; head to CooperMini to find out for yourself.

Lexus LS


If your idea of luxury involves lots of the very best tech gadgets in your car, then the Lexus LS is the car for you. There are not many cars out there that have better tech features than this one does. It even has an infrared climate concierge that analyses the temperature and climate inside the car. It can then make changes to make you as comfortable as possible as you drive the car. That’s pretty impressive, and it looks great too. You can pick them up very cheaply, but it’ll look like you spent a fortune.


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Volvo S80


You’ll be very surprised at how cheaply you can buy a Volvo S80 these days. They are great cars, packed full of safety features and with great luxurious interiors. But they are still pretty cheap to buy, especially if you opt for a used model. You won’t find a better bargain anywhere else. The cabin in the car feels very spacious when you’re inside. And all the materials that are used inside the car feel like they’re of the highest possible quality and standard. That’s exactly what you want from a luxury car.

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