Apart from the desire to participate in the noble work of charity organisations in Australia, participants would also want a chance to win a dream house up for grabs in the draws. The premise for most home competitions is to change the lives of humble families in a great way. Apart from offering participants a chance to win a house, the competitions use the money collected from the sale of tickets to provide affordable healthcare to thousands of patients in Australia and support various health services and research programs. Other organisations support disadvantaged young Australians. Naturally, every Australian wants to win the mouth-watering grand prizes on offer and would not shun a few tips to increase their chances of winning. This guide shares ways on how participants can improve their opportunities to win a house in 2019.


Use Legitimate Dream Home Competitions

With so many dream home competitions, it is easy to fall prey to fake contests. Therefore, it is important to conduct some research before signing up to participate in the home prize draws. Investigate if participants have launched complaints against the sponsor. Consider established charity-based organisations since their primary focus involves helping the less fortunate and offering affordable health care, so you won’t feel bad if you miss on the grand prize. After all, your monies are used for a noble cause. Another way of finding legitimate home competitions is through participating in home giveaway competitions. You may find a contest on a plumbing site, a builder’s website or one selling home furnishings hosting a home prize draw. Most companies sponsoring such competitions are in the construction business.


Ensure you can play more than Once

The more the entries of tickets you buy, the more the chances of winning. However, you need to verify if participants can purchase more than one ticket. Check the terms and conditions for playing. Some contests require players to buy one ticket hence, if you purchase multiple tickets and win, you are disqualified for violating the rules.


Know the Odds of Winning the Prize for Various House Competitions

Luxury prize homes competition has different odds of winning. In some competitions, players increase their chances of winning by buying more tickets. For example, during a 2015 competition, an expensive beachfront home worth $ 2,104,973 was up for grabs. However the organisation could only sell 1775,000 tickets thus, a player who bought 50 tickets had a higher chance of winning (1:35,500) to one who bought one ticket (1:1775,000).


Identify the Numbers you should Avoid

Not all number combinations lead to wins hence, the need to select the numbers thoughtfully. These rules should guide you:

Don’t choose numbers that have been drawn before: Most players use this tactic in the belief that they will win. This is not true. For example, a 6/45 competition that has two drawings every week means a set of six numbers have a chance of being drawn every 78,318 years. It shows that participants should avoid choosing the same set of numbers.

Avoid choosing six successive numbers: Such a selection reduces the chances of winning by a relatively large percentage. Both state and international competitions rarely announce winners who have selected six consecutive numbers.

Mix up calendar numbers with high number combinations: Most players choose anniversary and birth date numbers hence, limited to the heavily played numbers- 1 to 31. It reduces your chances of winning as you may be sharing the jackpot with lots of other winners. As such, it is important to recommend a couple of high numbers.

Avoid multiple numbers: number multiples like 5,10,15,20,25 and 30 are played heavily. You also want to avoid them to increase your chances of winning the competition.


Trust your Instincts

Many winners attest to trusting their instinct when they won the grand prize. This means choosing numbers you feel comfortable playing and sticking to them. If you are playing multiple cards, select different groups of numbers to increase your chance of winning.

Quick-pick vs. Self-pick Strategy

Self-pick is a traditional approach for choosing numbers in a competition. This method allows players to select the most preferred numbers that will enable them to play the number as it is or mix it with others to create new combinations. As such, the player can quickly determine the number of times a digit has been drawn and predict when it is likely to be drawn again.

The quick pick strategy chooses the number for the player. Most players enjoy this strategy as it relieves the pressure of selecting the perfect number. While this method is a great time saver, experts discourage the use of quick-picks because it reduces your odds of winning significantly. The set of numbers you choose is the greatest determinant of winning or losing; not the strategy used to pick the numbers.


Set a Budget

While winning a dream home grants you and your loved one’s security, only spend cash that you can afford to lose on the tickets. If you only purchase ten tickets or 50, it’s okay. Set a budget and avoid getting caught up.

The Bottom Line

Now you can confidently participate in those home prize competitions you have been shying away from. The text not only takes you through finding a legitimate home draw competition but also shows you what to avoid. Remember that you are competing against thousands of other contesters. So, following these tips should give you an edge over them.

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