Doing Oz In Style

From Fraser Island to Yuraygir National Park, there are a lot of fine resorts on the east coast of Australia; affectionately known as the “Gold Coast” by locals and tour advisors around the world. Finding the best one for you and your family may be key to facilitating your dream vacation to the land of Oz. And there are quite a few choices! But the Gold Coast isn’t the only home to resorts down under.

Following are five top vacation destinations in Australia. Which resorts work best for you will depend on how long you have to say, and what kind of budget you’re working with—but there are some fine options.

Figuring out how to choose the best vacation destinations can be difficult; you’ve got price, amenities, and activities to consider. But just keep in mind: where there’s a will, there’s a way. Today, especially in Oz, you’ve got options.

1.Remote And Cost-Effective Resorts

Leeuwin is on the southwestern-most tip of Australia, and may not be known to most, but did you know you can find rates as low as $40 a night at Baywatch Manor, and just up the street from the sea? If you’ve got $2,500, you’ve got living costs covered for two months! And in a part of the country that’s got localized authenticity beyond tourist catering.


This could be a great move for the family; it could be a great trip for a honeymooning couple, or fine solution for someone who just wants to live a week in the land of Oz, and not weather the impact.

2. How Adventurous Are You?

Depending on what your proclivities are, you may find your best resort solutions have to do with price, rather than amenities. Sure, you could spend $300 a night for fine luxury right on the beach in the most toured area of Australia—more on that in a moment—but what if you only spend $23 a night? Well then you’re saving $277 a day.


That’s enough to travel all over the island of Australia from a home-base. Do you realize $23 a day is only $713 a month? For goodness sake, that’s cheaper than most people’s rent! Who cares how basic the resort is? If it’s got a shower, and there’s a roof over your head, go wild! Coalmine Beach Holiday Park isn’t going to be the Ritz, but you can live like it is with the money you’ll save; and that makes it a considerable resort!

3. Flirting With The Gold Coast can help you narrow down some of the finest Gold Coast experiences. Certainly, it’s true that this site specializes in stag parties for grooms-to-be; but that doesn’t mean you can’t find diversions for singles, married couples, and even families. Many resorts design their services to cater to many.

At the top of the list for Gold Coast resorts is Palazzo Versace, which is a $300/night, 200-room luxury hotel with a location right on the water, and a fashionable marina. Poolside lounging is luxurious, and you won’t believe the spa. But of course, not everybody can afford such a vacation!

For those with a more conservative budget, Peppers Broadbeach also comes with many rooms and beachside location, and clocks in under $200 a night. Basically, you can find something to match your price range; you may just have to do a little searching online—but Peppers and Palazzo are some fine options!

4. Tasmanian Dreams

Meanwhile on the southeast of Australia’s wondrous island is a smaller mass of land called Tasmania which has all manner of resorts for the exploration of avid travelers. Since Tasmania isn’t a traditional destination, you’re not going to pay out the nose, either.

The most expensive price for resorts on the island is north of $600 (the Avalon Coastal Resort); but for the most part, resort prices float right around $100 a night, with some in the $40 range. Check out Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park starting at $56 a night for some cost-effective adventure.

5. Relaxation South Of Tribulation

Meanwhile south of Cape Tribulation on the northeast coast there are a plethora of resorts which range in price from $38 a night for Gilligan’s, to $343 for the Green Island Resort off the coast. This is a prime tourist area with quite a few different options for any budget; it depends on what you’re looking for and why.

Whatever Budget, You’ve Got Options In Oz

Try this on for size: say you and three of your mates work online and pull in $50 a day per. Now say you share a room for $75. For $775 a month each, you can live in Australia like a king—and about anywhere on this continent-sized island of intrigue and “Sheilas”. Really, your only big cost is going to be travel; and if you can book passage on a merchant marine vessel, you don’t even have to worry about that.

The world is full of opportunities today, and some of the finest adventures can be found in the South Pacific. If you’ve never been to Australia, and you’ve got a few hundred dollars to spare, you can make the trip. If you’ve got a few grand and you’ve never seen this wonderland, then experience Oz in style! Whether honeymooning, adventuring, or hosting the meanest stag party for your groom, Australia has options. Come explore!


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