Recently, Perth has become one of the happening and famous towns in Australia. Perth has a vibrant metropolitan culture with elite bars and cafes, huge shopping malls. That’s not all; the city also boasts of several tourist attractions that include wildlife parks and botanical gardens. The city is home to several festivals with global recognition as well.  From mart galleries that exhibit some of the great pieces of art to museums that showcase several ancient artifacts, Perth has it all. With such a diverse collection of tourist attractions, it’s only natural to be dazzled by thinking about what to do when in Perth. So here are the seven best things to do in Perth.

1. Cottesloe Beach


Cottesloe Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Australia. Located in the southwest region of Central Perth, this beach is a perfect spot for people who love snorkeling, surfing, and swimming. It is one of the tidiest beaches with water that is crystal clear. According to most travelers and native Australians, Cottesloe Beach is many kids’ favorite destination. That’s not all, elite and eclectic pubs in the vicinity of this beach attract several adults too. One shouldn’t miss watching the sunset from this beach as the sun looks stunning while it sets over the Indian Ocean.

2. Rottnest Island


Here is another spot that most adventure enthusiasts love. Rottnest Island is home to 63 beaches with many of them having clean and white sand. The trails of this island are perfect for hiking. So, when visiting Rottnest Island, add some roof racks to the SUV, grab all the camping and hiking gear, and head towards a once in a lifetime experience of adventure and fun. The island is full of cute quokkas. And do not miss visiting the Salmon Bay and The Basin beaches while in Rottnest Island. 

3. Swan River


Another attraction of Perth that also happens to connect some parts of the town is the Swan River. Stroll around the river or go for a cruise ride to Fremantle and experience a completely different view of the city from the river. You can even rent kayaks, bicycles, and pedal boats to travel in and around the Swan River. While the river is apt to visit at any hour of the day, an early morning walk around the river feels impressive. Check out the Swan River when in Perth and catch the magnificent view of the sunset from this river.

4. St. Mary’s Cathedral


The St. Mary’s Cathedral is a must-visit tourist attraction of Perth as it is one of the oldest historical monuments of the town. It was first built in 1865 and has undergone several changes and repairs that make the construction have both modern and ancient touch. It’s better to visit the Cathedral on Tuesdays as you can get a full guided tour of it and find out fascinating facts about the Cathedral. The doors of the St. Mary’s Cathedral welcome its visitors every day from as early as 7 am. The Cathedral is easily accessible through public transport that connects several parts of the town.

5. The Perth Mint


Another exciting thing to do when in Perth is visiting the Perth Mint and watch around $70,000 worth gold pouring and to know fascinating facts about the discovery of gold mining in Western Australia. You can witness the largest gold coin made in the mint that weighs around a Ton and also the small gold nuggets. It’s better to take a full-fledged guided tour of the mint that lasts for an hour to witness gold pouring and hear stories about gold mining and some of the legends of the industry. However, you can stroll around the mint on your own as well, if you prefer to skip the guided tour.

6. The Art Gallery of Western Australia


Perth has something for everyone. Apart from having several ancient historical monuments and adventure spots, Perth also appeals to art lovers. If you love to watch paintings and other pieces of art, then The Art Gallery of Western Australia should be on your list. The construction of the building itself displays a modern and classic design, making it a must-visit spot for all the art lovers. While the permanent collection of the gallery emphasizes various artists of Western Australia, you can find several artist’s works from the gallery’s collection of around 17000 pieces of art.

7. King’s Park and Botanical Garden


Visiting the King’s Park and Botanical Garden should undoubtedly be on your itinerary when in Perth. The park beholds its place among some of the world’s famous parks such as New York’s Central Park, Vancouver’s Stanley Park, etc. The walking paths of the park offer an astonishing view of the city, as some of them are in an elevated position. The park is home to almost 3000 varieties of trees and plants that attract hundreds of tourists arriving from across the globe. The park also has designated picnic spots, playgrounds, and cafes.



Apart from the places mentioned above, Perth is also a town where you can experience the most magnificent wildlife at the Caversham Wildlife Park and Perth Zoo. Overall, if you want to experience the local wildlife of Australia, go hiking through the picturesque trails or party at the plush clubs of Australia, it is all possible at Perth.


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