There’s an art to looking polished and well put together. But once you achieve it, you’ll benefit from the wide range of benefits that come with making an amazing first impression.

If you’re looking to take your style to the next level, fret not. There are many easy ways to achieve a more sophisticated style without breaking the bank. 

What is Sophisticated Style?

Sophisticated style has evolved over time. Older generations showed sophistication with more formal attire and designer labels. But modern sophistication isn’t just about luxury or formality.

You can show sophistication by demonstrating a balance of class and style. Let your accessories elevate your look without being too gaudy.

Here are a few simple ways to show your sophisticated style.

Layer Up

One of the easiest ways to add a sophisticated style to your wardrobe is to wear layers. Layers add visual interest to an outfit.

The key to avoiding a bohemian look with your layers is to choose clothes with clean lines. Avoid adding more than one pattern on your clothes and accessories.

Aim for neutral colors so your layers don’t come across as loud or busy. In the summer, it’s best to layer using small pieces like a chunky belt or bracelet instead of trying opting for more clothes.

One exception is if you find long flowing layers that coordinate in style and texture. 

Add a Blazer

Blazers are worth their weight in gold. Add a blazer to a casual outfit to create a classy look. 

Blazers look great with cropped jeans, turtlenecks, and dress pants during the cooler months. Pair cropped trousers with animal print slides for a more trendy look.

Hats can also elevate the look of your blazer as long as the color is neutral. Always choose clean lines when it comes to your hat options. 

Limit Bare Skin

There is a time and a place to show off your figure. If you’re going for a sophisticated style, the time and place is usually at a pool or beach.

Classy outfits focus on your sensible style and a strong sense of fashion. Showing skin is often a way to use your figure as an accessory to clothes.

While there’s nothing wrong with body positivity, too much skin showing quickly takes the attention away from your classy style. Limit the amount of bare skin or undergarments showing with each outfit. 

Go Monochrome

Too many bright colors are tough to pull off when you’re aiming for sophistication. The easiest way to bring an understated elegance to your outfit is to choose an outfit that’s all one color.

It doesn’t matter if the colors match exactly when you choose neutrals like whites, tans, and greys. Black is the ultimate color of sophistication since it’s flattering for most body types and doesn’t reveal your age. 

Adorn Your Neckline

Jewelry is another way to accessorize a classy outfit. Avoid too many layers when choosing your jewelry. Matching necklace and bracelet sets help keep your look simple and chic. 

While gold is trending, silver rings offer a timeless look that pair well with colorful costume jewelry. Quality jewelry is key in making sure your accessories don’t look cheap.

Look for sterling silver or jewelry coated in gold made by a reputable jeweler. You might need to invest a little more in your costume jewelry to avoid finishes that look to shiny or plastic. 

Wear a Scarf

Scarves aren’t easy to pull off year-round. But if you can find a way to incorporate a delicate silk scarf during the warmer months, you’ll bring instant class to your ensemble. 

Scarves have the advantage of bringing a soft texture and interesting patterns to your outfit without looking too overpowering. Make sure your scarf style coordinates with your shoes and other accessories.

While everything you wear doesn’t need to match exactly, you want to maintain one theme throughout your look so none of your accessories look too random. 

Upgrade Your Leather

Avoid fake leather handbags and belts. When these accessories start to wear, the fake leather tends to crack making it look cheap.

Invest in durable leather goods to make your outfit look more sophisticated. You might be able to get away with fake leather purses while they’re new, but once you begin seeing wear and tear it’s time to toss them out. 

Mind the Cut

The way your clothes fit say everything about your level of style. Make sure you have at least one full length mirror in your home so you can check out your outfit from multiple angles.

You want the cut of your clothes to promote your body type, not work against it. Your clothes should lie comfortably against your skin unless you’re aiming for a bodycon look.

Well fitting clothes allow you to move unrestricted and with more confidence throughout your day. When in doubt, choose a looser rather than a tighter fit.

It’s much easier to get a piece altered to be smaller than to constantly have to adjust a skirt or shirt that’s too small. 

The Best Way to Show Classy Style

One of the most important things you can do to show off your sophisticated style is to show confidence. Confidence can go a long way in elevating even the simplest fashion ensemble. 

Confidence improves your posture allowing you to own your space and feel more in control of how you present yourself. Avoid the temptation to simply buy the most expensive labels to achieve sophistication.

When your clothes are good quality and fit well to your figure, you’ll naturally look more sophisticated. For more information and lifestyle tips, visit our blog for updates.  

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