A wine snob or a wine noob? If you are a wine snob, then congratulations! If you are a wine noob, well, then it’s okay. A wine snob is a person having all the knowledge of what wine he is drinking and what he is saying about it. Whereas, a wine noob is a person who has just started drinking wine and pretending like a wine connoisseur. At times, it becomes tricky to make yourself stand confident amid all the ones who are actual wine lovers and experts. Perhaps you may sound like a moron in case you say out loud something wrong about wine. 


Let’s find a way for it. What if you are truly a wine expert, but your plain statements like “I need Pinot Noir all the time” echoes like you are a wine beginner? Or, what if you are an actual newbie stuck between some great wine connoisseurs? Whether   you are an expert, this guide with seven tips will help you look like a wine snob. Pretending is better at less than faking. So here it is, the article on how to get started to look like a wine snob when you’re sipping the red glamour with your friends or colleagues. 


  1. Let all others get wine first before you get one


Usually, it is more about sharing the wine with family, friends, and colleagues rather than merely drinking it. While wine is being served to all of them, ensure that you get served in the end. It will create a positive impression of yours in the mind of the rest of the people present there. Taking care of all others will prove you a more sophisticated, caring, and sober person. Also, keeping yourself last for wine serving will make you look like a wine snob as an expert only lets everyone have anything firsthand.  


  1. Take your time to smell and taste wine properly


While you taste the wine at first, it creates a robust impact even before you’ve boozed it! When you smell a triple sec liqueur or Blue Curacao liqueur, its smell, strike fresh on the nose. Similarly, smelling your wine first can literally make your nose feel lingering in heaven. Once you sniff the wine, sip a bit, and let it remain on the palate for a while. The taste buds will dance with your wine and make you feel an ultimate wine lover. You must take your time to smell and taste wine properly to show you’re a wine snob. 


  1. Your description of the wine makes you a real hero


Maybe if you shoot some wine descriptors immediately after your first sip from the glass, you can hold an impression of a wine highbrow! 


“Jesus! The wine’s so juicy…”


When you say this, you mean the wine is so juicy that it was a grape moment ago. Adding tiny descriptions about wine while you are having a conversation can make you look like a wine snob. Add about the fruit or the wine region, or maybe you can say about its vintage character, too! But before babbling about the wine during a wine tasting, vineyard visit, or meal parties, learn a bit about it. 


  1. Pronounce the names of wines correctly with accent


When you point to the wine you want from the menu, unknowingly and unwillingly, you make the sommelier a bigger wine snob than you! It is essential to know the correct pronunciations of the wines, at least that you drink often. The moment you pronounce the name of the wine with an accent, you are the actual hero! With Google, it’s not that tough to master the right accents. Next time when you order the famous Sauternes wine from Bordeaux, France, saying “One bottle of SAW-Turn, please” everyone will get trust in you that you are a wine snob for sure! 

  1. Carefully choose the wine glass for reds and whites


Wondering wine glasses matter too? Well, that’s right. If you want to get served with red wine, pick bigger glasses. It is significant because the room in the bigger glass lets more air exposure needed for the red wine. However, the scene isn’t the same for white wines. Narrow glasses do a good flavoring of white wines, and the glass’s slight space keeps it cold for longer. When you carefully choose the wine glasses for reds and whites, you give a non-verbal message to the fellows, that how much you know about the specific wine details. 


  1. Grip the glass from the stem and not from its bowl


Damn! Everything matters when it is about wine. The way you sip wine from the glass, the way you repour wine in your glass, the way you raise a toast to everyone, and the way you hold the wine glass. A person who holds the wine glass from its bowl carelessly leaves the fingerprints on it. Also, the wine glass bowl’s grip makes the wine temperature elevate a half degree than its standard. Welcome, to the world of wine snobs – they hold the wine glass from its stem and not from the bowls! 


  1. Be double sure about the food and wine pairing

Perfect food and wine pairing. The last and final shot! Whether you order a meal with wine at a multi-cuisine, or you are serving a combo of wine and some best meal dishes to your guest, you must know what food flows well with the wine. You can read some blogs about food and wine pairings online. Google the combinations of best wines and cheeses. Read some food pairing magazines, learn what food will go with reds, and taste good with whites. Every time you order or serve a perfect food-wine combo, you hit the moment. 


Final Words


Some like red wines, some love white wines. No matter how much your choice differs from others, knowing what you love is vital. Discover which wine suits you the best and learn everything about it to be a genuine wine snob. Consider favorite wines of people with whom you always sip it for seizing the moment. Wine is all about celebrating, not criticizing. 


So cheers to all!

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