If you’re looking for beautiful, unique jewelry, white gold is a stunning choice.

You may wonder, “what is white gold?” and what makes this material so special and different from other options?

Read on to learn five things you need to know about this beautiful jewelry so you can decide if it’s right for you.

1. What is White Gold?

White gold is an alloy that is mixed with pure gold and alloy metals like silver or palladium. This results in a beautiful, silvery-white color that adds a sleek shine to your jewelry.

All gold jewelry must be mixed with harder metals to ensure that the jewelry is strong and durable enough to last. Pure gold is extremely soft, and white gold is simply a version of pure gold mixed with silvery metals to give white gold jewelry its bright, white appearance.

2. How do You Make White Gold?

Most white gold is coated in a metal called rhodium. This precious metal gives the jewelry added strength for durable wear.

When the rhodium plating is added to white gold rings and other jewelry, it creates a bright, lustrous sheen. The combination of alloy metals and gold protects your jewelry and makes it strong while creating a beautiful, modern look.

3. Will White Gold Turn a Different Color?

The rhodium coating on white gold necklaces and other jewelry can wear off over time. When this happens, it exposes the yellow gold color that’s underneath the surface.

If your white gold jewelry eventually turns yellow, it’s completely normal. How quickly this happens depends on your skin’s unique pH level, how often you wear the jewelry, and if it comes into contact with various chemicals. Take your rings off before you do dishes or take a shower to reduce the exposure to harsh chemicals that could wear down the top layer.

4. How Can I Protect my White Gold Jewelry?

When choosing white gold or silver, gold is a more resilient and durable choice. To keep your white gold looking new, have it treated with a fresh coat of rhodium a few times a year.

You can have your jewelry re-coated at most jewelry stores for a nominal fee. With regular rhodium coatings, your white gold jewelry will stay bright, shiny, and beautiful for years to come.

5. Is White Gold Actual Gold?

When you think about what is white gold, it’s definitely made from pure gold so it’s authentic in terms of value and composition. Look at the hallmark of your jewelry to determine whether or not it’s made from real gold.

The hallmark symbol should be stamped somewhere on your jewelry. This stamp proves that your white gold is authentic and certified so that you know it’s real and valuable.

Beautify Your Look with White Gold

Now that you know what is white gold, you can be sure you’re getting a beautiful piece of jewelry that lasts. Look for the hallmark and protect your white gold jewelry with regular re-coatings.

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