When you are in need of a little romance and luxury, the world has plenty to offer. You can find stunning city destinations or pick a secluded, rustic hotel for your stay. If love and romance is what you are after, then these places will make you feel in love – not just with the view, but with each other as well.

Guaranteed Romance

Venice might sound like an obvious choice for a romantic place to stay, but there’s a reason for the city’s popularity. The city is full of amazing architecture and its intimate setting will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

The city of love also offers options for slow strolls and amazing restaurants to pick from. You must also select your hotel from a wide number of love nests. If you are looking for a mix of modern and antique luxury, the
is worth exploring.

With just five rooms available, the boutique hotel offers stunning designs and quiet comfort. It’s also right next to the soothing sounds of the Grand Canal.


Beautiful Countryside


The English countryside offers timeless elegance and historic scenery. If you are in need of a quick getaway, then Alexander House Hotel and Utopia Spa in West Sussex is a convenient and luxurious choice. The elegant hotel has two restaurants to serve you classic favorites, such as the essential experience of the afternoon tea. The Grecian-styled spa is on call to accept your wishes at any time.

How to reach – renting your own vehicle & driving to the 120-acre countryside, right next to the hustle and bustle of London, will leave you with blissful feeling. Visit Frugaa.com to find some amazing discounts on popular car rental service providers.


Heated Flavors

Love and passion can come and go. If you want to add a new spark to your romantic relationship, we recommend spicing up the flavors in Vietnam. The country offers stunning scenery, warm weather and heated cuisine to tickle your taste buds.

The Amanoi resort located in Vietnam’s Nui Chua National Park offers luxurious pavilions to stay in. The design is a mixture of traditional Vietnamese look with contemporary elements. The backdrop of big mountains and the South China Sea provide you with a serene sense of belonging. The hotel offers a stunning range of services, from lakeside yoga to private tours in the national park.


Comfortable Elegance

Hawaii has it all – the blue ocean, the sandy beaches, the dramatic hills, and the friendliest of people. If you want something luxurious but comforting, then Honolulu and the Modern Honolulu hotel are places worth experiencing.

The Waikiki city will be your room’s backdrop, with the city lights adding a relaxing element to lying in bed and ordering tasty room service treats. The hotel staff is extra helpful in helping you explore the city and you can glam up at the hotel bar before venturing into the warm nights of Honolulu.


Remote Ruggedness

Romance isn’t always about calm oceans and sandy beaches; occasionally, love is rugged and wild. The perfect place to forget about the world and face the storms of your heart is the Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland, Canada.

The hotel isn’t going to take your breath away from the outside – it’s more of a shipping container than a romantic villa. But the dramatic location will capture your imagination. The 29 suites provide you with a floor-to-ceiling view of the oceans and the bare night sky.Everything at the Inn is handcrafted and locally produced, adding an element of old-school luxury and sweetness to your stay.

The above destinations and romantic hotels are a must-visit experience for couples. Not only will you enjoy loving pampering, but also you’ll be visiting places that love to impress and make you fall in love once more.

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