Getting your kids to hop in the bath after a long day is a struggle. They will refuse, shout, cry and give you a tantrum if you force them into it. Fortunately, bathing them need not be a struggle anymore. There are fun ways of doing bath time that you and the kids will enjoy immensely. Bath time is one way you can form a close bond with your children. Your freestanding bath will become a favourite place for you and the kids, because they know that they will have a good time, on top of getting themselves clean and ready for bed.

Bring toys

Let them pick which water-friendly toys they want to bring into the bath. This way, they have the choice of picking the ones that they really want to play with. Do not restrict them when it comes to what they can bring. As long as they do not get damaged in the water, they are good to go.

Play music

Is Baby Shark their favourite song but you despise it? Maybe turn a deaf ear to the song for a while and let them enjoy it until they outgrow it. Playing music during bath time helps pass the time. You can also clean them without them struggling because they are busy playing with their toys and singing to their favourite song.

Feed them

This may seem a little unconventional, but it is actually hitting two birds with one stone. A hungry child is a grumpy child, and if you force them to take a bath before they have a bite, you can expect them to throw tantrums. Feed them while they are in the tub. This way, you can clean them up right away, and you get to do other chores after their bath. You get to free up time for other things, such as doing the laundry and washing the dishes. Bath time and mealtime both take a lot of time, so if you can do them both at the same time, then grab the chance.

Don’t force them

Do you want them to take a bath because you have other chores to do, but they are unwilling? Then don’t force them. You can do other tasks first before bathing them. Give them time to cool down after refusing and may be causing a ruckus for bath time. You also get to finish your tasks. You can tell them that you won’t give them a bath yet, but after you finish your chores it will be time for their bath. Compromise with your kids.

When you follow these tips, you can say goodbye to struggling to get them into the bathroom. They will anticipate their bath time as a time that they can play and enjoy the task with you. During this time, though, you always have to keep an eye on them, as they are in the water.

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