While the hit television show ‘ Footballer Wives’ achieved huge notoriety at the turn of the nineties, a look at the most extravagant player homes may have been more exciting. With wages continuing to rise exponentially for the leading players around the world, today’s footballers are living in increasingly lavish and visually stunning abodes. From the stars of the English Premier League to La Liga and Bundesliga players, modern footballer’s homes now resemble the abodes of the Hollywood elite.

So long as you do not have a jealous disposition, it is worth looking at these houses and gaining a unique insight into how today’s footballers live. Here are three of our favorite player homes.

Footballer Lionel Messi


While this is technically not a home as of yet, it will be if Spanish architect Luis de Garrido has his way. This creative spark has designed an incredible home for Argentinian football star Lionel Messi, proposing that the diminutive forward lives in a football-shaped abode. Divided by a hexagonal pattern and featuring a roof that is half covered in grass, the design would also feature a raised terrace emblazoned with Messi’s famed number 10. While Messi has yet to commission the design, it would make for the most incredible footballer’s home in the world.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo


In terms of real properties, our next port of call is a luxurious suburb in the bustling metropolis of Madrid. It is here that Real and Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo resides, in a stunning abode with his son (who appropriately bares the same name).

Ronaldo’s $7.2 million mansion in Madrid is incredible spacious and serves as the embodiment of luxury living, although it is something of a surprise that he has not yet commissioned a museum dedicated to himself within the grounds. This may yet change, and there is little doubt that Ronaldo’s home is one of the most spectacular in Europe.

Footballer Wayne Rooney



Ironically, if one man in England deserves a pay rise it is Wayne Rooney’s agent. After all, he has managed to negotiate two huge pay increases for the England captain in the last four years, despite fitness concerns and a sense that the forward has not fully realized the immense potential he showcased as a 16 year old. Rooney’s currently contract is worth £300,000 a week and this has enabled him to purchase a £4 million mansion in the heartland of Cheshire. Complete with golf simulator, cinema complex and indoor swimming pool, it is one of the most luxurious properties in England.

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