Simply access social networks or do a quick search on the internet, you will find the most diverse wedding dress models. It seems easy to make this choice, right? But not enough. With so many choices and so much freedom of design, style and – amazing! – color, the doubt is greater.

Our opinion is, first of all, you should find out the model that best suits your body shape. Want to know how to choose the ideal wedding dress? So see our tips.

Look in the mirror and recognize your body

This is one of the most difficult tasks because you might have read, researched and saved some pictures of wedding dresses and, even if in doubt, have some idea of ​​what you want for the big day. However, before you rush to a tailor or specialist shop, it is important for you to know what is right for you. And for that you need to know your body shape and what can be highlighted or not.

Get to know your body

Then look in the mirror wearing the most pair of underwear and bra. Start by checking the size of your shoulders, waist, and hips. You can use a tape measure to find out what your body shape is. According to The Better Fit, getting to know your body type, shape, and size can help you avoid the dreaded “bra bulge”, something you don’t want in your wedding photos.

If your shoulders are about the size of your hips and your waist is marked, you have an hourglass shape. If your hips are bigger, your body is pear-shaped. If the shoulder protrudes from the hip, it is an inverted triangle. It is possible that all three areas – shoulders, waist, and hips – are almost the same size, meaning your body is rectangular in shape. And if it’s round, it’s an oval type.

Learn how to choose a dress that suits your body type

Well, the idea is to highlight the best in it. You know, if you have found that you have shoulders wider than your waist, look for an A-shaped skirt that has many layers. If, on the other hand, the hips are clearer than the shoulders, then choose an evasive dress, emphasize the shoulders, using, for example, a cordless neckline.

If you have a round shape, try to highlight your shoulders and arms and avoid fluid tissue. But if your body shape is rectangular, then look at the waist, choose a waist model like the one with a corset. Finally, if your body is hourglass-shaped, you have more freedom to choose a model, and can even use a mermaid model or even country wedding dresses.

Use dress details to your advantage

As you can see, choosing the dress that best suits you has to do with highlighting the best of you and hiding what will not leave a silhouette in a harmonious form. Then identify points other than shoulders, hips and hips that can be highlighted or even camouflaged. An example is large breasts. Don’t be afraid to wear a cleavage line if you want, but keep in mind that cleavage that is too deep may not look too elegant. The same thing applies to those who have a big ass. In this case, it is valid to avoid the back neckline.

What do you think about the tips? Hope we can help you!



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