Pop star and advocate for positive body image, Demi Lovato is advocating something new…her dog! Demi Lovato ’s career started on the Disney Channel back in 2008. She starred in Disney Channel original films such as Camp Rock and in her own Disney Channel television show, Sonny with a Chance. Demi Lovato was plunged into the limelight, after she checked herself into a rehabilitation center in 2010, during the Camp Rock Tour. Since then, she has been a judge on the hit competition show X-Factor, released two successful albums, and toured the world.

Demi Lovato

It is apparent that Demi Lovato has turned this negative experience into a positive. Demi says, “I know that I have a voice and can use it for good or bad. It was a gift given to me.” At only 22 years old, her talent is enviable and her story is an inspiration to people around the world. Nowadays, she seems to be teaching her messages of empowerment, love, and positivity to her new pup, Buddy. The proud owner of the brand new animal-cruelty free cosmetics line Devonne by Demi gushes, “He loves to smile. Smiling is his favorite!”



Buddy is a purebred Maltese, and just a few months old. The singer and her beau Wilmer Valderrama, best known for his role as Fes in the hit sitcom That 70s Show, decided to become parents of this lovable hound in December. However, love sometimes comes with a price. The Neon Lights singer reveals, “I’m not allergic to all animals, just cats and dogs. Sometimes I’ll have a bad allergic reaction to dogs, sometimes I won’t. But cats, if I am 10 feet away from them, I’ll be freaking out. I’ll be in the room with someone and have an allergy attack and be like, ‘Do you have a cat?’ and they’ll say, ‘Yeah, how’d you know?’”


Lucky for Buddy, he’s a Maltese. This breed is known to be “hypoallergenic,” meaning they do not shed much dander. No dog is 100% hypoallergenic, but the Maltese is one of the breeds that produce the least amount of dander.



This Texas native is a known animal lover, and it runs in the family! Her little sister Madison De La Garza, best known for her role in Desperate Housewives, loves animals just as much as Demi. She and Demi both support DoSomething.org‘s animal devision, which advocates animal adoption. It all revolves around an app called Pics for Pets, that allows you to share pictures of animals that need a loving home!


Support the cause and help find loving homes for shelter animals HERE!

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Written by Wendy Diamond.

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