Chandeliers instantly make any space more luxurious. They are often the centerpiece of a dining room but you can install them in any room to impress your guests with your flair for interior design.

Whether you are looking for more contemporary chandeliers or large classic chandeliers, draw inspiration from the 8 most expensive designs worldwide. These fine examples of craftsmanship show how a single light fixture can set the mood.

Some of these unique pieces are one-of-kind creations on display in royal palaces or private collections while others are creations of some of the most respected lighting designers like Baccarat, famous for their luxury crystals.

Take a look at these world-famous Chandelier designs and marvel at their brilliance. Perhaps they will inspire your next home decoration project that is need of an eye-catching focal point.

Antique Chandeliers

The most expensive pieces ever sold are antique chandeliers auctioned by premier auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Many are from private collections or carry the royal legacy.

Antique chandeliers are considered artworks and their makers’ true artists. The 18th and 19th century has produced many lavish designs by master designers that are now considered significant remnants of design history.

1.     World’s Most Expensive Chandelier Ever Sold

The Givenchy Royal Hanover Chandelier was commissioned by King George the II for the palace in Hanover. Since its delivery to the palace in 1736, it has remained in the family’s possession until it was sold to Hubert de Givenchy in 1924.

Designed by the king’s architect William Kent, this German silver artwork has lots of intricate details with anthacus being the main element. Other elements are lion paws, lion masks, a cornucopia, the prancing horse of Hanover and naked putti, all topped with the royal crown.

2.     Second Most Expensive Chandelier Sold at Auction

In second place comes another royal heirloom, the rock crystal set in gilt bronze Louis XV 32-light chandelier, from the collection of Baron de Rede’s Hotel Lambert residence. Baron de Rede was a famous pompadour in French society that filled his home with art and luxury antiques.

In March 2005, pieces from this estate at the Hotel Lambert were sold by Sotheby’s Paris. The chandelier, from circa 1745-1749, was estimated between $1.3 million – $2.7 million and sold to private hands.

3.     Napoleon’s Imperial Chandelier

Another royal chandelier is the gilt bronze and cut crystal piece by Napoleon’s furniture supplier Dufougerais. Hailing from circa 1812, this lighting fixture sold for over a million dollars at Sotheby’s benefit auction for the Virginio Bruni Tedeschi Foundation in 2007.

This is a very unique design with a shape that is less commonly seen; it is more horizontal than circular. The chandelier consists of three levels; at the bottom is a crystal bowl supporting crystal pillars reaching up to two more levels.

4.     Possibly Andre Charles Boulle

Another famous chandelier design is this six-light piece attributed to Andre Charles Boulle but there is some uncertainty surrounding this. As with many works identified as Andre Charles Boulle’s work, this claim comes from careful study of the design elements and comparison to his known pieces.

Andre Charles Boulle was the royal cabinetmaker and sculptor for King Louis XIV so this may come from that very estate. However, by the time that it was auctioned at Christie’s, it was the property of Jean Bloch, a French Industrialist.

Baccarat Chandeliers

Crystals are almost synonymous with chandeliers and one of the most famous companies in this field is Baccarat. If you would like to have a priced chandelier in your home, then a Baccarat product is what you want on display.

This French company is one of the most respected names in the field with a large library of collections. The Zenith is their signature design but there have been many evolutions since the original chandelier, many at the hand of star Philippe Stark.

1.     Etrange Zenith Sur La Lagune

The Etrange Zenith Sur La Lagune is a glorious combination of classic crystals and modern glass figurines. This handmade chandelier is a limited edition by renowned artist Philippe Stark who has made many designs for the Baccarat Zenith series.

What makes this particular work stand out is the placement of glass lime green deer heads among an otherwise classic clear crystal design. It holds 15 lights with a contemporary hood and is adorned with lots of crystals of different sizes.

2.     Solstice Comete

Mirroring hanging plants, the Solstice Comete is one of Baccarat’s most recognizable products. There are various versions of this design, each with a different number of lights ranging from 8 to 36 lights but each being pure elegance.

Where the branches of chandeliers usually curve upwards, the Solstice Comete breaks the mold by curving downwards. Where it stays traditional is that crystals are the focal point of this artwork, with each full-lead piece carved by hand.

3.     Black Crystal Zenith Noir

Showing that he is keen to create the unexpected, Philippe Stark put forward yet another unique chandelier, the Zenith Noir made with smoky black crystals. This change of color transforms an already magnificent item into something with an even more powerful presence.

Zenith Noir is a series of chandeliers of different sizes and even includes wall sconces. Each item on their own is already eye-catching but a whole house with Stark’s work shows a true love for luxury.

4.     The Zenith in Palazzo Morando

The most expensive production by Baccarat is the original Zenith, a true icon in its field. Zenith is a series of elements with the star piece of the series hanging in the Palazzo Morando in Milan but others are still for sale.

The clear crystal chandelier is available with 8, 12, 18 and 25 lights, each one mimicking a traditional candle. It is meticulously detailed with spiked prisms, octagons and scrolls and the option of shades.

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